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Carpenter measuring dimensions of joists from above When choosing the best remodeling project for your home you have to think of several things: the cost of the project, the specific features or functions that are missing in your home, how the renovation will impact your home’s aesthetics, and, of course, how much value the remodeling is likely to add to your property. [continue reading…]
nondescript workers looking at nondescript plans Buying a first home is something that takes many years to plan. Saving enough money for that first acquisition requires diligent effort. But when you finally achieve the goal, the exhilaration of becoming a homeowner will make the whole experience worth it. Yet, when you move into your new home, you will often do so [continue reading…]
Couch in white modern living room Some trends never go out of style Architectural designs are always changing and improving to provide more stylish and reliable features. This new decade has so much in store for the architectural industry. If you plan to renovate or build your home, you ought to have designs before construction begins. This allows the architect to [continue reading…]
White kitchen with island and marble countertops Home improvements don’t have to be expensive to look good Owning a home has its benefits because you can change whatever you don’t like and do renovations whenever you want. Making huge renovations can be costly; however, you can make improvements that save you money in the long-run. Some simple renovations and improvements can be [continue reading…]
Tiny house on a pile of coins When it comes to upgrading a home, a lot of people are met with the challenge of deciding if the project is going to be worth it or not. While some home improvements are necessary, like roof replacements, others are more on the cosmetic side. Additionally, some are going to come with a high return [continue reading…]
Four people in living room with shag rug Home is where we should feel safe and protected. You can make various improvements to your home to enhance its wellness and health. Home is where you create beautiful memories and where you spend most of your time. If you cannot feel comfortable and safe in your home, then that is just a building, not [continue reading…]
Inside of old, abandoned building from top of stairs Unless you’re buying a brand new house, chances are fairly high that the house you’re interested in will need some repairs. In some cases, this can lead to a make or break situation between you and the seller, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It can help if you know how to navigate [continue reading…]
Bird's eye view of neighborhood with green lawns “Going green” is a lot more than a trend when it comes to real estate. It’s an important step toward decreasing your home’s impact on the planet—and it can also add some serious value to your home when you go to sell.  Reinventing your home as an eco-conscious oasis can sound a little daunting, especially [continue reading…]
Elderly woman in wheelchair from behind looking down brick path Finding housing that accommodates disabilities can be difficult, but not impossible. As you begin your search for accessible housing, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here’s how you can find an accessible home that works for you and your needs.   Begin Your Search Online   Searching online is the best [continue reading…]
Wind turbine generator in the mountains Your favorite handyman company is embracing the eco-conscious movement and switching to 100% renewable power in order to help save on resources and time. Effective immediately, Edward’s Enterprises is making the change to sustainable, green energy. This would also mean that all the battery-powered tools we use are also using renewable resources, like solar and [continue reading…]