Los Angeles (West) Remodels & Repairs Service List

Welcome West Los Angeles!

Edward's Enterprises' team of employees is ready to help you with repair & remodel services around a Sawtelle Boulevard commercial location, Westside Pavillion shops, your Mar Vista home, or a Westwood office.

Wondering how Edward's Enterprises can improve or repair your office or home in West Los Angeles? Let's start answering your questions below!
Westside  Los Angeles is a great region with excellent remodeling potential. Usually, many people & businesses often need it too. Since you're in Los Angeles, have us do it here locally, replacing a bathroom tub or tiles, reinstalling windows, repairing ceiling breaks, & more. We love every challenging project in any commercial or residential space. See our work on your next big update. See the Remodel page above.
Edward's Enterprises senior techs of over 20 years know what they're dealing with right when they take a quick look at your leaking faucet. They love your home or business or retail location just as you do.   Our techs will always handle every work that comes their way with skill, knowledge, customer care, & professionalism. They are some of the best in our area & we are proud to have them with us. Los Angeles Westside could not ask for better people. Choose a tech service above & see their outstanding work.
Are all kinds of issues on your wood showing up? Bugs? Sun or water damage? Something different? These all indicate that a worse catastrophe is on its way that is already in the wood. Let us look.   We are wood experts in Los Angeles Westside. & would love to get a chance to replace those patio posts, that wood deck, get you some wooden baseboards of quality, update your wood trim, or help you with any finish (rough) wood project altogether. Read above to see how Edward's Enterprises takes care of things.
Make your home's rooms or that office stand out & apart from the others. Put in the effort. Get new colors, accent walls, priming, sanding, textures, or anything else both outside & inside. We adapt our work to where the need is & will prepare everything accordingly.   We will work on conference halls or rooms, study areas, banquet halls, offices, & more. We offer you a wide range of work, which is ever in constant flux - we always develop in terms of all that we can do & offer! Choices are endless.
Most small-scale electrical repairs can sometimes overwhelm a person, especially after a long day of work. Even DIYers can get irritated with these tasks. That's why we offer our help here in Westside Los Angeles. Take the task to us. We swap out your bulbs, put in new receptacles & so much more. Home or office? Doesn't matter - we will get right on it. Learn how our field employees do it together. Nothing stops them from a job well done! See above for more.
Don't delay the plumbing your business or home needs. Letting things fall out of date, out of style, or out of code is never a good thing. Let us help. We work hard here in Westside Los Angeles, to make sure your business or home toilet is flushing nice & low, that your water heater is pumping properly, & your faucets are not leaking. We will check for everything & keep you up to date. Now is the time! Start now by checking our unique services.
Unmoved junk, pileups of large, old carpets, garages too full of items you can't even move around of - all these are disasters just waiting to pounce, & they'll jump on you, at the least expected moment. Let us demolish some stuff for you, or even clear out your yard or side yard. Perhaps we could do minimal haul-aways & leave you with more room & space in your Westside Los Angeles home, office, or other property. See what we can do!
There is no job done poorly here at Edward's. Landscaping work? Why not just call us? If you let your landscaping work pile up, issues will become worse, & your lawn won't get the help it needs. We will do rough landscaping work, like sod & mulch or weed care. More gentle work, like flower planting & rose trimming, is our specialty as well.   We will do it all, every time. Count on our hard-working employee team here in Westside Los Angeles. They have even cleaned out gutters, thoroughly washed decks, & put on new outdoor yard lights. Just tell them what you need!



Serving Ventura, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Counties
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West Los Angeles Tool Rental
A West L.A. Equipment Rentals
11700 California Route 2
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 820-2525
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Anawalt Lumber, Hardware & Nursery in West Los Angeles
11060 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90064
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Interesting Los Angeles (Westside) Information   Los Angeles has a median household value of $553,900 (23% higher than other California cities). The average summer temperature in Los Angeles is 71 degrees.
Fun West Los Angeles Fact   The student-to-teacher ratio of Los Angeles is 20:1. Los Angeles's local amenities are readily available & accessible.
Los Angeles offers its residents plenty of local amenities, sunny weather, a stable housing market, & a high income per capita.   For more information about Los Angeles, visit AreaVibes.

Los Angeles (Westside) Electronic Recycling
UCLA SAFE Collection Center
550 Charles E Young Dr. W
Los Angeles, CA 90095
(800) 988-6942
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Dunn Edwards
11710 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
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