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Edward's Enterprises' team of employees is ready to help you with repair & remodel services around a Reseda Boulevard office, your Northridge home, Northridge Fashion Center shops, or an Eddy Street commercial location.

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The legendary 1994 Northridge earthquake was & still is one of the most remembered in LA's history. & since then, people have not stopped seeing the value of a good remodel, home or business alike. Our team will help on that as well. They do offices, storage units, garages, homes, parking spots, interior ceilings, & more. They'll add little touches & also apply strong do - overs, either way; t's all an option to check out at the Remodel page that we offer.
They're not ordinary handymen, our technicians - no, no, anything but ordinary. They possess the knowledge & hold the experience, 20 years & counting. They do all - size projects. From the leaky faucet in any Northridge home, to the office lighting in the same region, to even the entire retail store that's been marked for full renovation, you can expect high professionalism on their end. Edward's Enterprises will not let you down. Choose a handyman service they provide. See with your own two eyes how great these technicians really are when they work together.
Carpentry is no challenge for a true patio post 'rough - finishing pro.' & our bag is full of them, in Northridge & beyond. We have got the best solutions for a wood deck finish, the finest wood to do it with, & everything else that entails. Even if your baseboards are a little dry, or need some touching up, perhaps to get rid of a recent sun or termite infestation, we can have you covered. & we look deeper into the matter, too, to see the cause.
Paint jobs are us. No, really. That's what we love to sell. And, in fact, priming & sanding jobs are in our ball court as well, relatively speaking. We give Northridge a full run for its money, being a full - range provider that never stops expanding. We prime door jambs, mainly, in terms of our priming. & we'll also put in some effort to get new colors shining smoothly on your walls, so that the place can 'stand out once more', just like it used to in former days. Outdoor work, & indoor work, we do.
A small adjustment here & there - electrical, in nature - is challenging for even DIY - proven minds. Everyone gets overwhelmed or distraught, at times. It's normal. But we love doing this. We change lights quickly & effectively, not to mention safely, swap out receptacles with no use, & more. Learn how it all happens above. Our field employees are to thank, all of them as a whole team.
Northridge plumbing clients, you need to call us whenever you have an old water heater acting up. Or perhaps when low - flowing toilets are needed. Or maybe even when that leaky water faucet is going all over the place, making a mess you just can't deal with any longer. That would be the best time to pick up the phone. Take action first; call us as the first step. Our plumbing handymen make the best contractors! Get up to code. Are you now? All homes & businesses should ask themselves this often.
Hauling with a helping hand, that is our job. We haul many square feet, too, picking up objects of all kinds of shapes & sizes. We clear out & demolish entire areas & then work on getting you new space you never thought you could have. Sporting goods you don't want, stuck in that old attic, garage or basement crawlspace? Get rid of 'em. Better yet, let us do the job for you. We clear full side yards rapidly as well!
Landscape - crazy, you could call us that. Sure. But in the good way. & we have got Northridge under control, doing full sprinkler timing & replacements, flower care, deck yard lighting & washing, rain gutter protocol checks, sod restoration & more. We are the ultimate professionals in the way of timeliness & due diligence, when it comes to your landscaping, so that you rest assured in knowing we never forget a thing. This is important to us, as it is to you.



Serving Ventura, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Counties
Licensed General & Plumbing Contractor B857752

Northridge Tool Rental
Sunbelt Rentals
18251 Napa Street
Northridge, CA 91325
(818) 996-7100
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Northridge Lumber
18537 Parthenia Street
Northridge, CA 91324
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Interesting Northridge Information   Northridge has a high school graduation rate of 81% (21% higher than the rest of Los Angeles). The median rental rate in Northridge is $805, which is 25% lower than in the rest of Los Angeles.
Fun Northridge Fact   Northridge's median household income is $75,739 (54% higher than other Los Angeles regions). The average summer temperature of Northridge is 74 degrees.
Northridge offers its residents year-round warm weather, a lower cost of living, & a stable housing market.   For more information about Northridge, visit AreaVibes.

Northridge Electronic Recycling
Nicole Bernson SAFE Center
10241 Balboa Blvd
Northridge, CA 91325
(800) 988-6942
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Local Northridge Paint Recycling
Nicole Bernson SAFE Center
10241 Balboa Blvd
Northridge, CA 91325
(800) 988-6942
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