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Kitchen with white cabinets being remodeled, after wallpaper removed We did an on-site consultation to assess a wallpaper removal project. We came back the next week and removed all of the wallpaper in the kitchen area with the supplies we bought from Home Depot, including the Environmental Solutions Wallpaper Stripper. We also went back to remove the carpet as well, disposing of it and [continue reading…]
Wooden box with garrison cap, watch, and medal. Photo of elderly man: "My Best Friend Forever" Emptying a home that has been lived in for many years can seem like a daunting experience.  Here are some key points to remember to help in the process: Divide the tasks: Reach out to family and friends. Do not be shy; accept all the help you can that is at your disposal. Make a [continue reading…]
Top of pergola, partially pressure washed clean Our client called us with a simple issue: his patio was dirty. We came out on the last day of the month. It only took us a couple hours to pressure wash the patio, as well as some areas in the front of his house. When we were done, every area looked shiny and new:
Drywall being patched From small dents to large holes, drywall repairs can be easy if done right. First, assess the damage. Is it a ding in the wall, is there an entire chuck out, is it on a corner? Knowing the extent of the damage will be a big helping in getting the right materials for your drywall [continue reading…]
Kitchen with granite counter tops in the process of being remodeled. When renting a small studio apartment, kitchens aren’t always the most spacious. Pre-painted in off-white under dull, incandescent bulbs, the scene can look dismal and bland. That doesn’t have to be the end, though! With these simple and inexpensive remodeling techniques, a dull studio apartment kitchen can feel cozy rather than cramped. Painting The first [continue reading…]