Oxnard Remodels & Repairs Service List

Oxnard Remodels & Repairs Service List

Hello Oxnard!

Edward's Enterprises' eager team of employees is ready to help you with repair & remodel services around the A Street offices, your Oxnard home, Oxnard Boulevard shops, or a Wooley Road commercial location.

Let's begin to answer your many questions about Edward's Enterprises below!
Handyman technicians from Edward's Enterprises are mastermind experts with about 20 years of hard work under their belt. They know just about all there is to know about repairing & improving retail store appearances, business offices & even the rooms in your home. They offer the highest level of care as well, putting detail behind all they do, working with multiple sizes of projects. See them in action together, as one team. Choose your handyman service, from us, now.
Carpentry woodwork is in full session through us, & we'll assist to make sure no parasites, termites or even nature elements get in your wood. We'll fix, reinstall or upgrade any baseboards as needed. We'll even check your patio posts, & show those some love, as well. Wood decks can be restored. All you have to do is ask. See above for more details on how we make this work.
A proper paint job can go a long way, as can the right borders & even accent features, in making your property a whole new one; on the outside or inside. Even you won't be able to recognize it, after we've touched it. & we mean that in a good way. Try the range of services we offer, which is ever - amplifying. What can't be done? We do it all. For Oxnard sanding or priming, in addition, come to us; we do it, too. Doors or jambs, hallways, entire conference - study spaces, you name it.
Small electrical issues can be such a nuisance, making you wish you could get someone else to deal with them. Well, you can. Things like changing a home light switch or swapping out an office receptacle are what we do, in addition to several other things similar, & no DIY solution can top ours. Even, in fact, some people who have done things through DIY have burnt out, & that's where we come in. Learn how our field employees work together on simple electrical handyman repairs above.
We're Oxnard customer lovers. & when our customers need their faucet installations & water heater reinstalls done right, as a Plumbing Contractor & Handyman, we'll get right to it. Low-flow toilets can be installed in any wide variety of homes or businesses nearby as well. Is your toilet, or all toilets in your property, properly installed to today's current codes? Does it meet regulations? Now is the time to take action. The first step is what? It's to start by combing our plumbing services.
To get quality hauls in no time, we are there. Call us, & we'll head out to you to make it happen. Small hauls, larger hauls, & everything in between, we'll cover you. Get rid of old junk you don't need, be it furniture, tools, software, or even old sports items. We demolish as well. Give us the leftover trash, & we'll take it out to the boonies, where you'll never have to see it again. Oxnard is happy we offer this service - many have had us haul junk for them already & were quite glad we did.
Oxnard reputably holds some of the grassiest lawns in all of the L.A. area, & that's a fact. & when you come to us, you get the best service in town. Get roses checked out, trimmed up nice & neat, & maintained. Get your lawn, on both sides, cut & watered as well. Or how about those rain gutters you can't reach? We'll do 'em. Or the deck? Time to pressure wash, & we're on it. How 'bout sprinklers, sod, mulch or anything else needed for the lawn? Talk to us. Home or business, we provide.



Serving Ventura, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Counties
Licensed General & Plumbing Contractor B857752

Oxnard Tool Rental
Home Depot
401 W. Esplanade Drive
Oxnard, CA 93036
(805) 278-3770
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301 West Pleasant Valley Road
Oxnard, CA 93033
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Interesting Oxnard Information   Oxnard has an average summer temperature ofcomfortable 64 degrees The average commute time in Oxnard is 26 minutes, which is 10% lower than the state average.
Fun Oxnard Fact   The crime rate of Oxnard is 24% lower than in other California towns. Oxnard's median household value is higher than the rest of California at $454,700.
Oxnard offers its residents a stable housing market, sunny weather, a high income per capita, & plenty of local amenities.   For more information about Oxnard, visit AreaVibes.

Oxnard Electronic Recycling
Del Norte Recycling & Transfer Center
111 S. Del Norte Blvd
Oxnard, CA 93030
(805) 385-8060
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Local Oxnard Paint Recycling
685 E. Ventura Blvd
Oxnard, CA 93036
(805) 981-2990
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