West Hills Remodels & Repairs Service List

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Edward's Enterprises' team of employees is ready to help you with repair & remodel services around your West Hills home, your Medical Center Drive office, Platt Village Shopping Center stores, or your Fallbrook Avenue commercial location.

You probably have questions about what Edward's Enterprises. We will begin answering those questions below!
West Hills has the highest 25-and-older resident percentage in all of L.A. County. Most of these adult professionals like to have their businesses & home locations remodeled occasionally. Is it time for an upgrade in your place as well? We are the professionals you should rely on. Call us to upgrade or remove anything & to put in the necessary parts or finishing touches. Your place can look brand new! Check out our Remodel page.
Need a quick, reliable West Side handyman contractor or technician? Does your next home or business handyman job need someone with lots of experience, like maybe at least a couple of decades' worth? We've got it. Here at Edward's Enterprises, we do any size of projects.   Choose a handyman service & you will be amazed of how our great team works together. We offer you the highest customer satisfaction, taking care of each customer as if he or she is a member of the family - which they are. Retail stores? Office desk repairs? Bring it on!
Are you having serious issues on the wooden parts of your place? Mold, termite, excessive water & sun problems? Here at Edward's Enterprises, we can assist!   It's time to get on with an entire new deck, patio post replacement, rough finish, or anything else your wood has been begging for. We know everything about wooden baseboards too, realizing the sensitivity & care they require. Find out the level of detail we will provide when we come to your West Hills home or business to get to work!
Painting tools, colors, border options, & more - your wish is our command. We love our West Hills customers. We will do paint jobs, jamb work, priming or sanding & so much else in your home, office, conference areas or rooms, rails, walls, & more!   When the job is inside, we will be there. When the job is outside, we will dress accordingly & be there, even so! Call us for any job you need & see how we work together effectively! We offer many ranges & styles, with our continually developing variety of work.
Need that yellow, cracked electrical receptacle checked out, discarded, or switched out for a nicer brand new one? How about the same for a light socket or switch? These small types of tedious & gruesome repairs can get anyone (even the DIY pros. who know what they are doing) down & out, especially after a long day's work. In West Hills, there is no need to worry - our united team of pros will get it done in no time. See above.
Plumbing can make your place come alive again, especially when professionals get the job done. Our men & women are the best. They do faucets, toilets, heaters & more, covering leaks, drips, run-offs, installations, check-ups, & everything else regarding plumbing. Whenever you need something to be up to code, you can count on our professional plumbers in West Hills. Start with Edward's Enterprises, your West Hill plumbing experts!
Hauling is not an ordinary job. Why don't you take the hassle off your plate & let us deal with it instead? We will provide you a fully satisfying job you can always rely on. We haul lots of square feet, besides small demos. If you need to demolish any small site or clear out a side yard before a deadline, we can get it done in no time! We will clear up space in your garage, get rid of leftover waste, & more. Call us right now!
Sprinkler system installations, rose trimming & flower care must be handled right, & these tasks are important for us. In West Hills, our landscaping help ranges from a simple sprinkler timer replacement to a brand-new lighting system installation in your yard.   We can even put down a fresh layer of sod for your lawn, quickly & expertly. Would you like to get your deck pressure washed or get the rain gutters checked? We will help you. Our hard-working team works together to get your yard in perfect condition in no time. Check it all out!



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West Hills Tool Rental
Home Depot
22855 Victory Blvd
West Hills, CA 91307
(818) 227-2488
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The Home Depot
22855 Victory Boulevard
West Hills, CA 91307
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Interesting West Hills Information   West Hills has a median household value of $568,627 (20% higher than the rest of Los Angeles.) The high school graduation rate of West Hills is at 94%.
Fun West Hills Fact   The median household income in West Hills is $99,090. West Hills's average summer temperature is a warm 74 degrees.
West Hills ranks #166 in California for its stable housing market, lots of local amenities, high graduation rates, & sunny weather.   For more information about West Hills, visit AreaVibes.

West Hills Electronic Recycling
Martin's Recycling
7101 Canby Avenue
Reseda, CA 91335
(818) 252-5885
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Local West Hills Paint Recycling
7003 Topanga Canyon Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 91303
(818) 598-0401
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