Canoga Park Remodels & Repairs Service List

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Edward's Enterprises' committed team of employees is ready to help you with repair & remodel services around your Elkwood Street home, a Deering Avenue commercial location, an Owensmouth Avenue office, or Canoga Avenue stores.

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Remodels are a job for our team, & what you can expect to get is a quality done job, done right the first time. No compromises. We'll do ceilings, whole bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms & more. Just name your wish, & it's our command! Simple. & did you know that - just a fun fact - our lovely city is one of the most "ethnically diverse" in all of the LA region?
Our handymen have worked with us for more than two long decades, repairing, carrying out blueprint plans & so much more. From the leaky faucet for your home in Calabasas, all the way to new recessed lighting, you can expect high quality care from us at Edward's Enterprises. Get the best handyman service around. See how our a great tech truly gets the job done!
Here at Edward's Enterprises, we'll do your carpentry project anywhere in Calabasas. Damage from termites? Or water? Or sun? Or all of these factors? We know the outcome can be scary on your home & wood trim, indicating more serious issues, too. No matter the size, we're here to help. Read above about how we work on replacing patio posts or installing a new wood deck now.
Some areas inside or outside may need special paint preparation, whether they're in high places or low spots. We can reach there & get them. Discover how our eager team works together, in the center of Calabasas's communities, on together sanding & priming doors, painting conference room walls & even touching up office hallways with some last minute paint retouches or additional, fresh layers to go on top. The range of work we perform is wide. & we're even planning on expanding it.
An electrical job done right can be any homeowner's or business owner's greatest joy, & when we DIY it in Calabasas, you will feel pride in the finished work. We can change light switches or bulbs, swap out offices, & value overall. Learn above on how our field employees work together on simple electrical handyman repairs.
We're top-grade contractors & handymen, doing toilets, faucets, heaters (water) & other kinds of plumbing, keeping things up to par. When was the last time you checked to see you were up to standard? We help all our customers in Calabasas get there. Start by looking at our plumbing services today, & if you're not already 'sold', talk to one of our experts who can explain things in more thorough detail. They'll help you see the need & make a plan.
Junk hauling is one of our trades, & we do not make excuses but provide results. Light yard waste haul-aways in Calabasas? Call us, & we're on it. Opening up space in that junk-filled home garage stacked with old sporting goods, too? Discover how, exactly, we'll handle hauling away old office furniture, cleaning away side yards, tackling small demolition jobs & more.
Make your 'greenery' come alive, once more, especially now that the spring season is about to begin. Make your crazed neighbors jealous when you get the best front yard & backyard lawns in town. & here in Calabasas, we'll take care of everything, which includes internal irrigation installs, rose & bush trimming, & overall flower & plant maintenance. Want new sod or lights for your lawns? Let us put them in for you. Do you want to pressure wash your deck? We're on it. Our diligent team of employees comes together to clean your rain gutter, while they also coordinate to service your sprinkler system & much more.



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