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Edward's Enterprises' committed team of employees is ready to help you with repair & remodel services around your Lone Oak home, an Agoura Road commercial location, a Calabasas Road office, or The Commons at Calabasas stores.

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Homeowners, commercial clients, anyone, we offer help in Calabasas for new remodels. Upgrade a bathroom & transform it into something new. Removing an office drop-ceiling, too. Add a new kitchen partitions. Add one for the bathroom as well. Possible outcomes on new projects can be several when it relates to your home or store or office, respectively. Select your remodel page to witness how we work together on your remodel, along with other remodels in Calabasas we have already been a part of. Some of the best estates in our affluent, newer city area of Calabasas have all taken their share of remodels, doing at least one every year, to keep current.
More than two decades in improving & repairing, we've got it down. We can take any job of any size. From Calabasas home faucets that 'leak & reek', to new recessed lighting placements, you'll find that Edward's Enterprises doesn't drop the ball. Choose a handyman to see a real team of techs work together. Get the best result. & did you know that, with our growing population (now at more than 24,000 & rising), it can be the best time to start DIY'ing your tasks?
The carpentry service we offer is second to none, & that's an understatement. Rough carpentry? Finish carpentry? We'll take it on like it's our own, & we won't back down till the job is done, all in all. That's a promise. Ultimately, we'll protect your wood from all kinds of damage, & at the same time, we'll never shy away from any size of project. Count on its completion, with us.
Painting's not always hard, but it sure can be, even for skilled painters. We know. We've been there. Give your paint job to us, & we'll handle all the details in between. You can make any home or office wall come alive with a brand new color, additional borders & so much more. This is the time, this is the place, & we are the people! We've done all kinds of finished work, in this respect. We'll do room, hallway, corridor & anything else.
Even the tiniest of electric repairs can result in being too overwhelming even for a hardworking Do-it-Yourselfer in your local area of Calabasas. Do you need a new, a home light switch? A new office receptacle as well? All that can add up, when DIY'ing, & becoming tiring & time-consuming altogether. Our field employees get the job done together, on these electrical handyman repairs, to get things done in time. We save you time, cost, effort and, as a result, lots of headaches.
We help many Calabasas customers master their faucet installations like a pro. & we do the same for their water heater replacements. We're unrivaled Plumbing Handymen. Low-flow toilet, too. Is your toilet up to date? How can you tell? Just have us take a look. Now is the best time to take action. We are here.
Landscaping is no joke : It requires every bit of detail that any other kind of labor service will entail. A simple sprinkler timer replacement can be done. Installing new lighting & sod can also help, & we'd love to pitch in. Do you want to pressure wash your deck? Our due diligence works together for you, adjusting your sprinkler, cleaning your gutters, servicing your irrigation, & so much more.



Serving Ventura, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Counties
Licensed General & Plumbing Contractor B857752

Calabasas Tool Rental
Home Depot
6345 Variel Avenue
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
(818) 227-2470
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Roadside Lumber
29112 Roadside Drive
Agoura Hills, CA 91376
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Interesting Calabasas Information   Calabasas has a high school graduation rate of 97% (26% higher than the rest of California). The student-to-teacher ratio in Calabasas is 22:1 (12% higher than the rest of California).
Fun Calabasas Fact   The crime rate is 54% lower in Calabasas than in other California cities. Calabasas's median household value is $962,700 (114% higher than the rest of California).
Calabasas ranks #100 in California for its stable housing market, sunny weather, low crime rates, & a high income per capita.   For more information about Calabasas, visit AreaVibes.

Calabasas Electronic Recycling
City of Calabasas (Albertson's Parking Lot)
26521 Agoura Road
Calabasas, CA 91302
(818) 224-1600
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Local Calabasas Paint Recycling
City Hall
100 Civic Center Way
Calabasas, CA 91302
(818) 224-1600
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