Culver City Remodels & Repairs Service List

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Edward's Enterprises' committed team of employees is ready to help you with repair & remodel services around your Ince Boulevard home, a Jefferson Boulevard commercial location, a Culver Boulevard office, or the Westfield Culver City stores.

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Culver City, with an expanding population of almost 40,000 now, always holds room for growth & improvement, still. & our remodels can help, toward that end, as they work with any room or space of the house or office. Go to the "Remodel" page to learn much more, & see how our team covers Calabasas remodeling projects on a wider scale. We are here for you!
Our handymen will squeeze their way into any area of need that's more electrical in nature, even if we're just talking about something minor, like a light switch replacement. Expect high customer care all along the way. We've been doing this for 20+ years. It's what we love. Our techs will tell you the same. Pick your next electrical handyman straight from Edward's Enterprises.
Carpentry never has to become a point of concern for either you or your loved ones. We'll take care of it. Need a rough or finish type of carpentry project? Consider us there, & we'll do any size. We can upgrade baseboards, assess for termite or sun damage, put in new posts for the patio, & more. Let us get you that new wood deck that you've been drooling about for so long.
When your home or business is located in gorgeous Calabasas, then you really are in luck because that's one fine area we service. & when it comes to paint, accuracy & flawless detail are what we can give. We can recolor things, add borders, touch up hallways or conference room walls & more. We cover a wide range. You can get it all done with us.
Need something minor? Is a switch out of place? Is a receptacle done for? Well, our employees know how to look for all these things. Learn the thorough process of training they had to get through, as well as their currently high standards & overall attention to detail, when you browse above. Give those hard, annoying, stressful tasks to them.
Within Calabasas, like anywhere else, plumbing needs do arise. It's normal. But what's exceptional is that we can be there, in a jiffy. Low-flowing toilets are one thing we provide. Replaceable water heaters are another. New faucets, ready to install, are yet another. Take action & talk to us, making our plumbing services your first & only point of reference.
To haul or not to haul? Is that the question? No one likes hauling a bunch of junk from point a to point b, but it has to get done. Demolition, too? Ah man. Not to worry; we'll take care of the whole spiel so you can carry about with your other tasks; we'll even haul square footage by the hundreds. No need to worry - we'll properly transfer or dispose of any item of any size.
What's important to us? Well, for one, it's your overall maintenance & care of your landscaping, be it for your business or home, respectively. & with that in mind, rose trimming, weed checking, sprinkler system valve timing, & much more are right up our alley. We even pressure wash decks. Oh, & did we mention we clean out rain gutters? All this & more is available to you.



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