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Vibrant, colorful vinyl floor tile Featured image: “Floor Tile ~ Eastern Market ~ Detroit” by VasenkaPhotography is licensed under CC BY 2.0 VCT is a common floor tile typically found in commercial locations, industrial locations, schools, and other areas. It is the vinyl tile you might remember from the hallways of your high school. Over time, VCT can be damaged, [continue reading…]
Sprinkler head that goes tktktktktk-shpyuuuu Many homeowners dream of having a green plush lawn, which is the envy of the entire neighborhood. However, this takes effort and planning. Having the right lawn sprinkler head helps to keep the grass healthy and flourishing. Before choosing a sprinkler head, consider the capacity it can handle. You ought to assess the type of [continue reading…]
Close up view of LED spotlight array LED has emerged as the lighting of choice for the modern world. You not only get more light per wattage but also save money and help cut down power plant emissions. Business or home, LED lights have transformed the lighting industry making it more energy-efficient and affordable. LED stands for light-emitting diode. LED is a [continue reading…]