Santa Paula Remodels & Repairs Service List

Santa Paula Remodels & Repairs Service List

Welcome Santa Paula!

Edward's Enterprises' eager team of employees is ready to help you with repair & remodel services around Main Street shops, a 10th Street office space, Calavo Street commercial location, or your Santa Paula home.

We are ready to answer your many questions about Edward's Enterprises!
Remodeling takes a special crew, & if you're in Santa Paula, we may be just the one for you, with bathroom & cabinet upgrades, ceiling replacements, office floor tile restorations, & more, we make it look like 'brand new'. & that's what you'll love. & the best part is this : It doesn't matter if you need us to come to a store, a home, or an office. We'll target any location & remodel like no one's business! See out page called Remodel.
For a handyman that knows that he's talking about, & has repaired & improved, pick one of ours. Choose our Handyman Service now. You'll see a great selection we can offer. Our whole team works together on your project - any day, any size. High customer care is essential, as well, & Edward's Enterprises believes just the same, & we go to any store location, office building or residence. It makes no difference. We'll tackle Santa Paula's faucets, lighting systems & more.
Wood jobs are not for the faint of heart. Finish projects are especially brutal, for those new to the industry. But we're not newbies. We know what we're doing. Don't let termites, rays of sunlight, or even too much water destroy your wood or any wood trimmings you've got going on. Let us step in & get you some fresh, upgraded or newly installed wood baseboards. Read above to make yourself an expert on how we can work on your patio or deck.
Painting is special work, is it not? & for your home or office, it certainly is no less valuable. Go for a new style or color. Pick your next accent wall carefully. Check out some border selections, too. Then, call us, & we'll do it, even if it's outside. We're eager either way, valuing your business. We prime & sand as well, using our own tools & machinery. Hallways & conference rooms, doors, jambs, all of these can look 'brand new', if you call us. We're continually developing in our range of service selections as well. We wish to offer you more & more to choose from.
Don't mess with electrical jobs, if you're unsure. That's why we're here. & for minor things, even, we'll help. We swap out, check, repair & more. Is your office's receptacle old & gross, now, for instance? Has it gotten too yellow, or too cracked in appearance? Even DIY teams get tired of doing these repetitive swaps, but we'll do them, taking in the monotony of it all, with pride. So you don't have to worry. We'll even change light switches as many times as you want (and as many units as you want).
Plumbing for low-flush (aka low-flow) toilets can be needed, from time to time, & we can supply it. We'll factory-install new toilets that meet all standards. We'll do the same for H20 heaters as well as sink faucets. Now's the time to act, if you need any new plumbing, & we're the first line of defense you should consider. Get your home/business properly adjusted.
Need a quick haul? Need a fast set of hands to move large merchandise, sporting goods, or even carpets? Need someone to demolish? Need to have room to walk around in & move? Then talk to us. We haul piles upon piles of trash, moving it out of harm's way, & we also take leftover junk to where it needs to go. We clean out whole yards, & even side yards, as well.
Many rightfully promote Santa Paula as the world's "citrus capital", & that's for a reason. Not only is its produce & other green life in abundance, but so are many of its property lawns in commercial & residential areas. & yours can be vibrant & alive, as well, when you choose us for the job. We pressure wash decks, even; not all other competitors can do that. Heck, we even get down & dirty to make sure those roses or thorn bushes are looking nice & trimmed. We'll water your flowers, check your rain gutters, replace your sprinkler timers, & much more. Our team is diligent.



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Santa Paula, CA 93060
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Santa Paula, CA 93060
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Interesting Santa Paula Information   Santa Paula has a cost of living index 5% lower than the rest of California. Santa Paula's average summer temperature is 66 degrees.
Fun Santa Paula Fact   The median household value in Santa Paula is $415,900. The crime rate of Santa Paula is 34% lower when compared to other California cities.
Santa Paula offers its residents a stable housing market, a high income per capita, sunny weather, & plenty of local amenities.   For more information about Santa Paula, visit AreaVibes.

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PC Recycles
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Newbury Park, CA 91320
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