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Front of two story home painted green with garage and driveway Doors are such a part of your daily life that you often don’t realize how often you use them, and how much they get worn down by constant use. When you do think about changing them, it’s usually when you’re about to paint or replace them to match a home renovation. Despite this, they are [continue reading…]
Shower with modern design Sometimes a simple bathroom isn’t enough—after all, your bathroom is supposed to be aimed for optimal leisure. If you want a unique bathroom, look no further than this list. Perhaps you’ll fall in love with one of these styles, and it’ll become a permanent part of your home. 1. Linear Drains This design is perhaps [continue reading…]
Boxes of old computer parts Before you’re ready to accept a new tenant, here are three things you will need to think about: 1. How soon do I need to have the items removed? If you’re in a hurry to have the junk removed from your property, it would be wise to call us. We’ll be able to assist you [continue reading…]
Close-up of leaves being raked As the days get shorter and it’s colder and colder outside, it is easy to find other things to do besides go outdoors and do yard work. If you are in an area that gets any sustained snowfall, you might think it is a good idea to let mother nature cover up the lawn, and [continue reading…]
Front of two story home There are a few reasons you might want to repaint your home, but there are more reasons you will need to do it. A few of these reasons will end up saving you money in the long run when detected early. The most noticeable sign is that the paint is peeling. This will be the [continue reading…]
Front of two story Spanish-style home with smooth stucco finish Modern homes tend to favor materials that are eco-friendly and don’t significantly impact the environment in a negative way. This calls for one such material known as stucco. One of the major advantages of using stucco in your home is the diversity it provides with colors, textures, and finishes. Three-coat system The three-coat system that stucco [continue reading…]
Replacement arrowhead brass valve for sprinkler repair After assessing the customer’s rental landscaping, Edward’s Enterprises Contractor & Handyman replaced 2 Arrowhead Brass & Plumbing 3/4 inch Compact Anti-Siphon Valves with new units. These were purchased at a local sprinkler pipe and supply company to eliminate a station that would not shut down 100% and a leak at the valve body itself. Good [continue reading…]
Flexible PVC plumbing fitting for sprinklers on white background Roots from trees pushing up and breaking a sprinkler line in your yard? Check out The Home Depot‘s solution: A flexible push on repair coupling that will navigate under, over or around an obstacle to get you back to green in no time.
Fountain in front of the Pacific View Mall in Ventura: Edward's Enterprises Remodel Contractor & Handyman Service Edward’s Enterprises Contractor & Handyman Installed new service platforms in an overhead crawl space for a retail maintenance client in Pacific View mall overnight. Included threaded drops, steel frames with plywood covers and a little crawling. Now the HVAC technicians can access the equipment without falling through the ceiling. Win-Win.
Ceiling fan with three lights at the peak of a vaulted ceiling with recessed lights to the side A shot of a repaired ceiling fan at a REO (foreclosed) property we were hired to renovate. Romex wiring had been ran exposed on the beam and required installing Legrand Wiremold to pass inspection and to prevent future damage to the wiring.