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Sprinkler head that goes tktktktktk-shpyuuuu Many homeowners dream of having a green plush lawn, which is the envy of the entire neighborhood. However, this takes effort and planning. Having the right lawn sprinkler head helps to keep the grass healthy and flourishing. Before choosing a sprinkler head, consider the capacity it can handle. You ought to assess the type of [continue reading…]
Oranges hanging from the branches of an orange tree Are you excited about planting your citrus tree? We are certainly eager to help you! In this guide, you will find everything you need to grow a healthy citrus tree. Or, in other words, lemon trees, orange trees, mandarin trees, and so on. So let’s get down to the basics! How to Plant a Citrus [continue reading…]
Roses planted When to Trim Roses To ensure the growth and health of your roses, you should trim them during the right time. So, when should you prune your roses? Winter The safest time to prune your rose bushes is during winter because this is a dormant period. You ought to do this between December and towards [continue reading…]
Long wood table on back patio under patio cover Looking to sell your home? Then you may be looking for ways to help your house stand out to potential buyers. If you are also on a tight budget, figuring out which tasks and fixes to focus on first can be confusing. If you avoid these common staging mistakes, you should be able to save [continue reading…]
Wind turbine generator in the mountains Your favorite handyman company is embracing the eco-conscious movement and switching to 100% renewable power in order to help save on resources and time. Effective immediately, Edward’s Enterprises is making the change to sustainable, green energy. This would also mean that all the battery-powered tools we use are also using renewable resources, like solar and [continue reading…]
Back when I was a little kid, my father would always have some kind of project going on. Usually, he was pretty good at whatever he was doing. He’d fix the car, build a shed, fell some of the hickory trees in the back yard. Most everything came out pretty professional at the end, but [continue reading…]
Patio with six soft seat chairs surrounding a fire pit If you love to sit around in the evening relaxing in your yard, why not add another dimension to your enjoyment by installing a fire pit?  Follow this guide, and you’ll soon have a fire pit to call your own. Steps: When selecting a location be sure that it is away from any combustibles such [continue reading…]
Hands planting herb into soil with gardening trowel lying on ground Feel like your home needs something new to add to its appearance? Or are you just looking for a new hobby to alleviate boredom and stress? Gardening may just be the answer for you, but there are a few things you will want to know before delving into this pursuit. Planting beautiful flowers or delicious [continue reading…]
Close-up of leaves being raked As the days get shorter and it’s colder and colder outside, it is easy to find other things to do besides go outdoors and do yard work. If you are in an area that gets any sustained snowfall, you might think it is a good idea to let mother nature cover up the lawn, and [continue reading…]
Replacement arrowhead brass valve for sprinkler repair After assessing the customer’s rental landscaping, Edward’s Enterprises Contractor & Handyman replaced 2 Arrowhead Brass & Plumbing 3/4 inch Compact Anti-Siphon Valves with new units. These were purchased at a local sprinkler pipe and supply company to eliminate a station that would not shut down 100% and a leak at the valve body itself. Good [continue reading…]