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Edward's Enterprises' great team of employees is ready to help you with repair & remodel services around a Market Street commercial location, your Seaward Avenue home, Main Street shops, or your office in Downtown Ventura.

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Did you know Ventura's named after Saint Bonaventure? Quite an exciting & fascinating name, right? Try saying it ten times fast. & what else? Well, this beautiful city - town is well ahead of others with its remodeling. Tons of people get remodels each year, be they home remodels or business space remodels. We see the full possibilities & get to work, adding partitions, cabinets, drop ceilings & much more. We'll take out the old & put in the new! Go to the “Select a Remodel” page.
Let your task of finding the right handyman come to an end as ours have worked to carry out all kinds of projects for more than the last 20 years, doing any size needed. Recessed lighting needs in Ventura? Leaky faucets acting up? Or anything else in this regard? High level experts, with top care & professionalism, are on their way. Choose a handyman service & see. Edward's Enterprises is the business to choose from, & our great techs work together to make sure the customer's always taken care of.
We check that all wood baseboards, trims & other wood forms are up to date & not out of date. That's not all. We also ensure that no corroding factors, indicating more potentially serious damage, are ever present. This can include everything from termite bugs to water damage, & even sunlight (if too much has affected the wood, over time...not a good sign either, believe me). We touch on any project, any size, no questions asked. Read above for more on Edward Enterprises & its stance on replacing patio posts or installing wood decks...
To get a home or office stand out from the rest, maintain an immaculate overall look, & offer something new, it takes some effort on anyone's end. New color? Yes. Accent wall changes? Certainly. A fine border touch up? We can do it. Areas may might special paint preparation - & we can locate these for you, if you're not quite sure where they're at - can be anywhere. Inside work or outside work, we are really prepared for anything you need. Discover how our eager team works together. They sand, paint, prime & otherwise prepare, any type of hallway, door jamb or room.
Get those receptacles checked out, especially if they're old & yellow, or even cracking like broken skin. Change your home's light switches, too. Perhaps you've already done all this, even as a DIY type of person, but have gotten worn out at the very thought of doing them again soon. Not to worry, let us do these minor repairs. Our field employees love the challenge. Ventura's proud to have them.
We plumb toilets, faucets & their leaks. We also deal heavily with water heaters, when needed. Whatever you're in need of a Plumbing contractor for, in Ventura, call us & we'll be on the case. We'll keep you updated & in legal plumbing compliance as well. Start with us as your full-service plumbing contractors for home or business.
When you gotta haul, you gotta haul. Give it to us, & we'll haul it all! We'll clean spaces, open more space, & leave you with a feeling that's no less glorious. Junk, be gone! We do garage clean-ups, small demolitions, large or small (or medium) haul-aways, & more. Say “good riddance” to all those piles of leftover trash you've been wanting to get rid of but have not found the time (or motivation) to do so…….
We landscape like it's our own yard we're taking care of. We trim those weeds, flowers & roses like they're our very own. No lie. & we also put sod on, take it off, pressure wash any deck, & even clean out any gutter (rain) to make sure all is up to speed. Need lights on those yards, for nighttime, too? We're there. We service the sprinkler systems, from start to finish, as well. Get our diligent, unified team on your side, & consider it done.



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