Winnetka Remodels & Repairs Service List

Welcome Winnetka!

Edward's Enterprises' team of employees is ready to help you with repair & remodel services around your Winnetka home, Winnetka Avenue office, Sherman Way discount store, or a Vanowen Street commercial location.

You probably have questions about how we can improve or repair your Winnetka office or home. We will begin answering those questions below!
Handymen veterans of over 20 years can tell you the solution to any leaky faucet, office lighting issue, or even store interior needs. Our vets certainly make the cut here at Edward's. We know because we've trained them well & seen them at work. They come together quickly, putting your needs first with the highest customer care Winnetka has to offer. Choose any size of project, & we will take care of the rest. Our techs deliver!
Finish carpentry work has a name it calls upon here in Winnetka, & that name is Edward's Enterprises. We cover termite damages, wood board replacements, patio post water checks, reinstalls on any decks, & much more.   Various kinds of issues that are affecting your wood can reveal a bigger problem going on in there, so it needs to be checked out. It could be the damage from sunlight, water, the termites we mentioned, or something else entirely. Let us take a look. Read above now.
For any home or office to stand out & maintain a clean look, you need to put in the effort. New colors? Accent walls? Border arrangements? Some areas may need that special paint preparation & touch of love. Whether they are inside or outside your place, we will do them. We are prepared for anything.   Discover how our eager team works together in Winnetka. Sanding & priming doors & door jambs, painting conference room walls or office hallways, & so much more. Our range of is wide & ever expanding. Give us a call!
Minor electrical repairs in Winnetka are easy for us, though they might not be as easy even for strong DIY veterans. We know. We've been there. Give us the task, & we will be right there to switch out annoying bulbs, switches, receptacles, & all else that might need a good touch-up. Learn of how Edward's Enterprises' field employees work together. You can find all about repairs & more above.
Toilet plumbing is our job. Water heater & faucet plumbing, too. There is no job beyond our reach. We will always keep you informed about the updates, maintaining that all your plumbing parts are up to code standards. We make sure that you always have the very best plumbing whether it's inside a home, in a store, or an office. Let us know & we'll be right there. Our plumbing services are always here for you, & your wish is our demand. We'll do toilets as well!
Is it finally hauling time? We got you covered. Make your job a million times easier & give that massive carpet to us instead. We will haul all square inches of it right out of your property. We will also take other leftover waste & junk off your hands, giving you more space in any garage, side yard area, office, room, home or others. Call us & we will come over to you. You are our next stop in Winnetka. Discover how we get to work on your haul-away requests, inquire now.
Landscaping is one of the most enjoyable jobs for our team of experts, & it's definitely the one we're most prepared for. We have every tool, knowledge base, expert, & other resources to get a wide range of landscaping needs met.   If you simply don't have the time or the energy to deal with your landscaping needs, then hire us to take care of them instead! We trim roses, flowers, bushes & weeds. We also cut & whack. Heck, we even fully wash decks, with pressure nozzles & more. Here in Winnetka, there is no excuse for poor landscaping when you have us at your disposal.



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Winnetka Tool Rental
United Rentals
7755 Canoga Avenue
Canoga Park, CA 91304
(818) 340-5881
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Tampa Hardware Inc.
7543 Tampa Avenue
Reseda, CA 91335
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Interesting Winnetka Information   Winnetka has a cost of living index 12% lower than the rest of Los Angeles. The high school graduation rate in Winnetka is at 74% (11% higher when compared to other Los Angeles regions).
Fun Winnetka Fact   Winnetka's median rental rate is $667, about 38% lower than in other parts of Los Angeles. The average summer temperature of Winnetka is 74 degrees.
Winnetka offers its residents a stable housing market, a high income per capita, sunny weather, & plenty of local amenities.   For more information about Winnetka, visit AreaVibes.

Winnetka Electronic Recycling
Martin's Recycling
7101 Canby Avenue
Reseda, CA 91335
(818) 252-5885
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Local Winnetka Paint Recycling
7003 Topanga Canyon Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 91303
(818) 598-0401
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