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Hello Port Hueneme!

Edward's Enterprises' eager team of employees is ready to help you with repair & remodel services around Channel Islands Boulevard offices, your Port Hueneme home, Ventura Road shops, or a Perkins Road commercial location.

Let's begin to answer your many questions about Edward's Enterprises below!
Port Hueneme originally comes from a Spanish name for "resting place"; etcha didn't know that one. It's true. & when you want to make your home or office a true resting place, you can get a remodel done our way. We promise results each time, & no room, ceiling, or space is beyond our remodeling capabilities. See more on the Remodel tab, & browse to your heart's content there.
The techs we use have well proven themselves over two long decades, in the improvement & repair areas. They are real Handymen, by the very definition of the term. They've got the know-how, & wits, to do any plan, any size, anywhere. & that's a promise : From the leaky faucet in Port Hueneme to new recessed lighting in this same area, it's a task we can call on them for. Or even for renovating an entire retail store, you can expect them to do it with utmost professionalism as representatives of Edward's Enterprises. Choose a handyman service when you need one. You can see how our techs work together above.
Need a rough carpentry approach? Finish wood project? Here at Edward's Enterprises, we tailor to the need & are ready to provide. Damage from termites, wood erosion from water, or even infiltrated, gradual sunlight on your home & wood trim can invite larger issues. Wooden baseboards at your office might need to be updated. No matter how small or big this project becomes, we're here to help at every step. Read about how we work on replacing any patio posts or installing any new wood decks needed, by browsing above.
Painting for border or accent wall? New color overall, perhaps? Whatever it is you need, to make that place come alive, we are here. Indoor & outdoor paint prep is our job, of many we take on. We are prepared for anything you can throw our way. Discover how eager the Port Hueneme team really is to take on any conference room, hall, or other area, with some fresh paint, sanders, primers & more. We make no excuses, but get the work done, on time & with quality!
Tiring, endless work got you down? The last thing you probably want is to have to swap out that cracked office receptacle or even change a light switch in your home, right? We get it. Even DIY experts feel it. It's time to call in a professional, & that's us. We are tested, methodical field agents who do it all together & in a quality manner, doing simple electrical handyman work that others don't like doing, especially the monotonous, repetitive stuff.
Port Hueneme toilet needing a low-valve replacement or flush? Need to change water heaters? Or is it time for something else, like having a whole new water faucet that's fresh & unrusted? We can get it done - any home, any office, any day of the week. We are here for that. & we'll keep you up to code, too, so you don't get out of regulation - even unknowingly - with your plumbing overall. Look at us & what we can do; take action.
Hauling can be tricky, tiresome, & no fun. That's why we do it, so it becomes one less chore for you. Now, give it to us, & you go out & enjoy the rest of your day elsewhere. It's really that simple. & garage storage units, entire demo-ready sites, & other cleanup or removal/haul-away locations, we'll clean, clean, clean, take down, take down, take down, and, of course, haul, haul, haul; even to locations several several miles away. We'll even take care of the most massive carpets you have, that take of tons of square feet; bring it on.
Trim, cut, replace, install, hose, pressure wash, maintain, clean out, we'll do it. There's no job in landscaping too big, too small, or even too annoying. We do decks, front & back lawns, sprinklers internally & externally, sod, rain gutters & so much more. & our team is no less diligent & committed, all in all, offering help where help is greatly needed. Count on that.



Serving Ventura, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Counties
Licensed General & Plumbing Contractor B857752

Port Hueneme Tool Rental
4700 Saviers Road
Oxnard, CA 93033
(805) 488-1516
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Ace Hardware
663 W Channel Islands Blvd
Port Hueneme, CA 93041
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Interesting Port Hueneme Information   Port Hueneme has an average summer temperature of comfortable 64 degrees. The average commute time of Port Hueneme is 24 minutes, which is 17% lower than the state average.
Fun Port Hueneme Fact   The crime rate in Port Hueneme is 37% lower than in other California towns. Port Hueneme's median household value is $387,200.
Port Hueneme offers its residents a stable housing market, sunny weather, a high income per capita, & plenty of local amenities.   For more information about Port Hueneme, visit AreaVibes.

Port Hueneme Electronic Recycling
Del Norte Recycling & Transfer Center
111 S. Del Norte Blvd
Oxnard, CA 93030
(805) 385-8060
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Local Port Hueneme Paint Recycling
685 E. Ventura Blvd
Oxnard, CA 93036
(805) 981-2990
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