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Whenever you have a running toilet this will probably cost you high water bill and a gallon waste of water it is usually caused by the flapper or the fill valve. Fixing your running toilet is a problem that you want to solve quickly for leaving it like that can cause you a dime. Fixing [continue reading…]
Bird's eye view of neighborhood with green lawns “Going green” is a lot more than a trend when it comes to real estate. It’s an important step toward decreasing your home’s impact on the planet—and it can also add some serious value to your home when you go to sell.  Reinventing your home as an eco-conscious oasis can sound a little daunting, especially [continue reading…]
In our latest segment of the faucet series, behold, an infographic on the legendary Grohe Veletto: Please feel free to peruse the text version of this image on our blog if infographics aren’t your style.
Wind turbine generator in the mountains Your favorite handyman company is embracing the eco-conscious movement and switching to 100% renewable power in order to help save on resources and time. Effective immediately, Edward’s Enterprises is making the change to sustainable, green energy. This would also mean that all the battery-powered tools we use are also using renewable resources, like solar and [continue reading…]
To continue our discussion of faucets up for review, we have the Courant from Pfister. A Brief History of Pfister Pfister is a long standing company, originally founded in 1910 as Price Pfister by Emily Price and William Pfister. Originally the company only made a garden faucet, but over the first decade expanded to include [continue reading…]
Grohe Veletto brushed nickel installed over sink Coming in at $99, the Veletto 4 inch centerset two handle high spout bathroom faucet is reviewed at 5 stars it is manufactured by Grohe, a Germany company which prides itself in their high end, quality, and well designed bathroom and kitchen fixtures.  Since 2014, GROHE has been part of the LIXIL Group Corporation.  The [continue reading…]
Back when I was a little kid, my father would always have some kind of project going on. Usually, he was pretty good at whatever he was doing. He’d fix the car, build a shed, fell some of the hickory trees in the back yard. Most everything came out pretty professional at the end, but [continue reading…]
garbage disposal after replacement A garbage disposal will reduce the kitchen trash that you produce along with making kitchen cleanup quicker and more efficient. It is also good for the environment because it is reduce the garbage in the kitchen because all you food scraps and leftovers will go into the disposal. Shopping for a garbage disposal can prove [continue reading…]