Agoura Hills Remodels & Repairs Service List

Agoura Hills Remodels & Repairs Service List

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Edward's Enterprises' committed team of employees is ready to help you with repair & remodel services around your Kanan Road office, your Rustling Oaks Drive home, the Twin Oaks Shopping Center stores, or a Roadside Drive commercial location.

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The Agoura Hills team specializes in results, working with any master bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, or basements. & they can deliver in no less than a timely & professional manner altogether. The possibilities are literally endless. All you have to do is reach out, & they'll help you find the remodel package that's best for you situation. In Agoura Hills, the home can often be much newer, so most plumbing repair calls we would handle are often likely to be minor as a result. Keep that in mind, too. All in all, Agoura Hills population stands at 20,843, since the last census; reat city to get your home remodeled in.
Our technicians hold more than two decades of experience in the improvement & repair industry, & possess the knowledge to carry out plans of any scale. From leaky faucets in your home in Agoura Hills, to new recessed lighting in your office, or even entire retail store renovations, expect a great level of customer care from us here at Edward's Enterprises. Agoura Hills is known for its amazing DIY resources, & handymen are certainly not left out of that picture.
Here at Edward's Enterprises, rough or finish carpentry projects in Agoura Hills can make their deadlines. Let us step in & help. Did you know that damages from termites, water, or even the light of the sun on your home & wood trim can be indicative of much larger issues? Wooden baseboards at your office, for instance, can even be upgraded or updated. Small or big project, we're here to help. Read above about how we work on replacing patio posts or installing a new wood deck now. & for our Agoura Hills market, we do new fascia installations, patio repairs, & all that good stuff! So what are you waiting for?
New color? New accent wall? New border? What can make your property stand out even more? That's what we're looking for; reas needing special paint preparation, whether inside or outside. We are ready to tackle anything. Find out how our team works together in Agoura Hills. They do everything from sanding & priming doors & jambs, to painting conference room walls & office hallways. The range of services they can offer is quite extensive, yet it's always developing all the more.
Minor electrical repairs are sometimes too overwhelming even for a hardworking Do-it-Yourselfer in your local area of Agoura Hills. Things like changing a home light switch or swapping out an office receptacle that is cracked & yellowed from age can get the better of us. Learn how our field employees work together on simple electrical handyman repairs above.
We help our customers in Agoura Hills with their faucet installations & water heater replacements as a Plumbing Contractor & Handyman. Low-flow toilets can be installed in a variety of homes or businesses. Is your toilet plumbing properly installed to today's current codes & standards? Now is the time to take action. Start by looking at our plumbing services. Rooter clog inspections & video line plumbing, by the way, are also great resources our city offers. & you can even do them by yourself, if you know how. It's not hard to learn.
We can lend a helping hand with junk hauling from hundreds of square feet of carpet to light yard waste, leaving you with clean open spaces in Agoura Hills. Open up space in that junk-filled home garage stacked with old sporting goods. Discover how we handle hauling away old office furniture, cleaning out side yards, small demolition jobs & hauling piles of leftover trash. CLEAN OUT - Junk Removal Agoura Hills, by the way, is a top spot to go for cleaning out your junk.
Your sprinkler system installation, rose trimming, & flower care is important to us. The options available to you in Agoura Hills range from a simple sprinkler timer replacement to installing a brand new yard lighting system or a fresh layer of sod for your lawn. Do you want to pressure wash your deck? We'll help you with that. Our diligent team of employees works together on cleaning your rain gutter, servicing your sprinkler system & much more.



Serving Ventura, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Counties
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Agoura Hills Tool Rental
Lister Rents
252 North Skyline Drive
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
(805) 497-8541
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Roadside Lumber
29112 Roadside Drive
Agoura Hills, CA 91376
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Interesting Agoura Hills Information Agoura Hills, a city of 20,745, has a high school graduation rate of 95% (23% higher than the rest of California). The student-to-teacher ratio of Agoura Hills is 23:1 (15% higher than the rest of California).
Fun Agoura Hills Fact The crime rate in Agoura Hills tends to be 64% lower than in other California cities. Agoura Hills's median household value is $740,200 (64% higher than the rest of California).
Agoura Hills ranks #7 in California for its many local amenities, stable housing market, low crime rates, & sunny weather. For more information about Agoura Hills, visit AreaVibes.

Agoura Hills Electronic Recycling
City Hall
30001 Ladyface Court
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
(818) 597-7300
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Local Agoura Hills Paint Recycling
City Hall
30001 Ladyface Court
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
(818) 597-7300
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