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Color of the Year 2020, PANTONE. Classic Blue, 19-4052 Pantone has announced its Color of the Year for 2020, which is Classic Blue, “a timeless and enduring blue” that’s “suggestive of the sky at dusk,” according to the Pantone website. Turns out, the simple color – a rich, dark blue – is a favorite of many interior designers for its versatility. Keep reading for [continue reading…]
Wind turbine generator in the mountains Your favorite handyman company is embracing the eco-conscious movement and switching to 100% renewable power in order to help save on resources and time. Effective immediately, Edward’s Enterprises is making the change to sustainable, green energy. This would also mean that all the battery-powered tools we use are also using renewable resources, like solar and [continue reading…]
Kids' playroom, minimal but elegant, with wooden toys neatly lined against the walls By Jenny Wise Children with autism see and hear the world in ways others can’t begin to imagine. Crowded hallways, loud city streets, and even family dinners can be hard to handle. Unfortunately, you can’t wrap your child in a bubble and keep the world away, but you can give them a place to get [continue reading…]
Back when I was a little kid, my father would always have some kind of project going on. Usually, he was pretty good at whatever he was doing. He’d fix the car, build a shed, fell some of the hickory trees in the back yard. Most everything came out pretty professional at the end, but [continue reading…]
Drywall being patched From small dents to large holes, drywall repairs can be easy if done right. First, assess the damage. Is it a ding in the wall, is there an entire chuck out, is it on a corner? Knowing the extent of the damage will be a big helping in getting the right materials for your drywall [continue reading…]
Kitchen with granite counter tops in the process of being remodeled. When renting a small studio apartment, kitchens aren’t always the most spacious. Pre-painted in off-white under dull, incandescent bulbs, the scene can look dismal and bland. That doesn’t have to be the end, though! With these simple and inexpensive remodeling techniques, a dull studio apartment kitchen can feel cozy rather than cramped. Painting The first [continue reading…]
End table before and after painted white and robin’s egg blue When I first got married, my Grandmother gave me this very nice, sturdy side table. I have so many wonderful memories about it, and every time I look at it I think of my Grandmother.  The problem is, over all these years of wear and tear, it looks terrible. It has scratches, water stains, and [continue reading…]
Front of two story home There are a few reasons you might want to repaint your home, but there are more reasons you will need to do it. A few of these reasons will end up saving you money in the long run when detected early. The most noticeable sign is that the paint is peeling. This will be the [continue reading…]
Front of two story Spanish-style home with smooth stucco finish Modern homes tend to favor materials that are eco-friendly and don’t significantly impact the environment in a negative way. This calls for one such material known as stucco. One of the major advantages of using stucco in your home is the diversity it provides with colors, textures, and finishes. Three-coat system The three-coat system that stucco [continue reading…]
Wooden deck with four patio chairs around an umbrella-covered table with a forested background Looking for options to spruce up or rehab an existing wooden deck surface? The Home Depot offers a great product by Rust-Oleum called 4X Deck Coat. This product offers long lasting durability, conceals small cracks and divots, and is barefoot friendly. 1 gallon of their product covers approx. 80 square feet (2 coats are recommended). [continue reading…]