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Edward's Enterprises is a General Contractor & Hourly Handyman here to help you with your damaged wallpaper, or total wallpaper removal in your home or business.

  Wallpaper has the ability to make a room look fresh & new. But when the wallpaper gets old, damaged, or otherwise doesn't look right, removing it requires care.   Discover how our eager team of employees work together on stripping wallpaper for new paint, steaming wallpaper to dissolve glue, using customer's samples of existing wallpaper for repairs, or stripping using sponges, soapy water, & scoring tools below.
Let's get started!

The crew at Edward's Enterprises removes wallpaper sheets, glue backing, borders & more including:

  • Chemical wall covering removal

  • Stained wallpaper scraped off

  • Decorative paper removed

  • Wall covering scraped off

  • Wallpaper layer removal

  • Stripping fabric wallcovering

  • Steaming off difficult layers

  • Prime drywall for wallpaper

  • Curling wall-paper repair

  • Scraping off wall borders

  • Removing window decals

  • Taking off wall graphics

There are different types of papers & walls that can complicate matters for a simple handyman service wallpaper removal. Preparation can be a big task for a removal to go smoothly. Residue & rips are a troublesome snag, but Edward's Enterprises can take care of your wall covering removal project. We'll help you out whether it's your home, office, or a retail location, so talk to us today!
Find out how we can help with your current wallpaper removal. Contact our office to go over your wall covering scrape off project!

Edward's Enterprises' hourly labor rates for wall paper removal jobs start out at:


Start at $95* an hour Per Employee, 3 Hour Minimum.

Rates listed above are the typical check or cash rates charged for removing existing wallpaper & prepping the walls for paint (not including dump disposal fees or materials).
Daily charges for steamers if needed are not included in our hourly charges.

Painting Wallpaper Removal Home Paint - PaintingWe charge for all time included in a customer's project, including purchasing or delivering materials or for the time to haul away debris. This allows us to take on smaller projects for our wallcovering clients, rather than only lump sum projects with much higher minimums to show up.
Thanks to our processing partner PayPal, we do accept most major credit & debit cards now! Rates are slightly higher, please call our office for all of the details.
Thanks to our processing partner Paypal, we do accept most major credit & debit cards now!
*Hourly charge is from $95 to $115 or more PER EMPLOYEE depending on the work site zip code. Some exclusions apply such as ongoing facility maintenance clients, or for same-day, after hours or weekend service.
Communities outside of our area of operations will be charged additional travel costs. We would be happy to answer any of your pricing questions, please call for details!

Keep these queries coming! Reasons to select Edward's Enterprises for your next patch or paint project include:


EE CheckCommunication: We communicate appointment scheduling, invoicing, estimates, & more by phone & email to keep our painting customers “in the loop”.


EE Check Established Company: Edward's Enterprises has been a locally owned & operated small business since 1996.


EE Check Licensed: We are a licensed General & Plumbing Contractor with the Contractor's State License Board (B857752) since 2005.


EE Check Insured: Insured to protect our residential & commercial customers as well as our employees.


EE CheckSkilled Team: Our hourly service calls are handled by experienced, long term employees in the field & in the office.


EE CheckClear Information: We explain our hourly rates on our website & by phone before we schedule any patch or prep work so that you know what we charge.

Review your EE Check list to see how Edward's Enterprises can provide you with top notch service.

You can contact Edward's Enterprises in our office about patching or painting services by completing our handy form below:


    If you experience any issues with our form, email us at:


    If forms & emails are a real drag for you, then give our office a CALL:

    A real live person will (unless the Zombie apocalypse has finally happened or every line is busy) answer!
    The office is open from 8am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time Monday to Friday.
    We are available after hours & on weekends for emergencies by phone.

    My wife & I had a remodel project in mind for our bathroom for quite some time, so when we approached Edward's Enterprises with our plans, we were hoping for a solution that could take our wishes into account while giving us an insight as to what was possible with our budget. We're very happy to report that Edward's team surpassed our happiness expectations & kept us under budget!

    Five out of five stars

    - Rick & Laurie H. | Camarillo, CA

    As a retail store, we need to keep those Under Maintenance signs posted for as short an amount of time possible. We have customers who expect an always-running service, & we were very pleased with the efficacy & professionalism that Edward's Enterprises team showed when they came to fix our customer restrooms. Like we told the technicians, if we need any future jobs done, we'll know whom to call!

    Five out of five stars

    - Sam B. | Commercial Customer

    Great Question! Edward's Enterprises is usually available for painting requests:


    Office: Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm by phone in our office to schedule patch projects & ask questions about painting service.

    Field: As far as scheduling work appointments, for our typical rates listed above (I know we didn't skip that section) we normally schedule work Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 4:00pm (holidays, meetings, kids with flus may affect availability).

    Painting Wallpaper Removal Whole Home - PaintingMost projects get a 3 hour window of arrival, so expect something like 7:00am to 10:00am, or 10:00am to 1:00pm, or even 12:00pm to 3:00pm window.
    We are available for emergency painting work based on a first come first serve system & whether or not we have a crew available. Expect to pay more for these types of calls (we have employees & overtime is what it is).
    If you need us to come outside of our regular times, expect to pay a bit more, or experience different restrictions like job minimums, etc.

    To see if Edward's Enterprises can handle a patch or painting request at your office, store or home, you can check a few places:

    There is a helpful site menu drop down called “Cities”. Select that & you can see if your city is in our “service area”.

    Painting Wallpaper Removal Branding - Painting 
    You can call us at 805-987-2441 & give us your “exact” coordinates.
    You can review our list of cities we service below:
    Ventura County:
    Camarillo, Casa Conejo, Casitas Springs, El Rio, Fillmore, Lake Sherwood, Leisure Village, Meiners Oaks, Mira Monte, Missions Oaks, Moorpark, Newbury Park, Oak Park,, Oak View, Ojai, Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Santa Paula, Santa Rosa Valley, Santa Susana, Saticoy, Simi Valley, Somis, Thousand Oaks, Ventura, Westlake Village
    Los Angeles County:
    Agoura Hills, Arleta, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Calabasas, Canoga Park, Chatsworth, Culver City, Encino, Granada Hills, Hidden Hills, Los Angeles (Westside), Malibu, Marina Del Rey, Mission Hills, Newhall, North Hills, North Hollywood, Northridge, Pacific Palisades, Panorama City, Porter Ranch, Reseda, San Fernando, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Tarzana, Valencia, Van Nuys, West Hills, Winnetka, Woodland Hills
    Santa Barbara County:
    Carpinteria, Coast Village, Goleta, Montecito, Santa Barbara, Summerland
    If you know the zip code you are in, you can also check our zip code service area list here:
    90024, 90025, 90034, 90048, 90049, 90064, 90066, 90067, 90077, 90210, 90211, 90212, 90230, 90232, 90263, 90265, 90272, 90290, 90291, 90292, 90401, 90402, 90403, 90404, 90405, 91201, 91203, 91204, 91205, 91206, 91210, 91301, 91302, 91303, 91304, 91306, 91307, 91307, 91308, 91311, 91316, 91320, 91321, 91322, 91324, 91325, 91326, 91331, 91335, 91337, 91340, 91342, 91343, 91344, 91345, 91350, 91354, 91355, 91356, 91357, 91360, 91361, 91362, 91363, 91364, 91367, 91377, 91381, 91393, 91394, 91395, 91401, 91402, 91403, 91405, 91406, 91411, 91423, 91436, 91502, 91505, 91506, 91601, 91602, 91604, 91605, 91606, 91607, 91608, 93001, 93003, 93004, 93009, 93010, 93012, 93013, 93014, 93015, 93020, 93021, 93022, 93023, 93030, 93033, 93035, 93036, 93040, 93041, 93060, 93063, 93065, 93066, 93067, 93101, 93103, 93105, 93107, 93108, 93109, 93110, 93111, 93117, 93120, 93130, 93140, 93150, 93160, 93190
    If you don't see your community on the list, but you're close by give us a call. We may be able to service your painting or drywall repair request or schedule an onsite consultation for an additional minimum hour charge and/or travel charge.

    When it comes to wall paper removal, the first step is preparation. Some suggestions include to remove the furniture from the room so that it does not get in the way, as well as, does not accidentally get debris on it. If you are unable to remove the furniture you can cluster it into one corner & cover it. Get creative, & make sure you have everything on hand prior to beginning the process.
    Next, vacuum the room to create a clean work area. Then cover the floor with drop cloths so that no debris ruins the floor. Also, take down any draperies or drapery hardware, & loosen light fixtures & wrap plastic bags around them. Lastly, remove any wall plates from electrical outlets & switches. Then, you can get to wetting the wall paper, with hot water & a firm sponge, in scrubbing motions, keeping that wall paper nice & moist, the heat from the hot water later making it easier to peel off or scrape off.
    Do not rush the final removal of the wall paper, regardless of how time – consuming it may appear. Take your time. & remove each piece gently, remembering that it's not a 'speed race'.

    What is Wallpaper?
    Wallpaper, as its name so well implies, is a basic backing —- or some prefer to call it a covering — that can be effectively applied to go right over the walls of your home or business, respectively. & the reasons for covering such walls, in the first place, can be many. It is, in essence, paper for your walls. It comes in two forms, generally : non-woven form (which is the basic, common paper form we all know), & woven form (more of a fabric than a paper).
    A Bit on the History of Wallpaper
    The 13th century is when the very first wallpapers recorded in history are said to have been used. At this time in history, Europe relied heavily on these, often painting pictures or statues of very popular religious figures onto the wallpaper. Those more “religiously devout” would often own these in their home. & in time, this caught on, naturally. In the late 1800's, wood pulp came around as a cheaper wallpaper solution overall.
    Raw Material Wallpaper Construction Options
    Usually, you need a backing, the right ground coat, some proper ink to be applied, & many times, even some paste (it can't hurt —- especially since it can add to the greater adhesion of it all). The laminates or coatings used are usually of vinyl, sometimes latex.
    Wallpapers are highly efficient, & when properly backed & placed, stay on for a very long time, especially when the ink & backing get properly tied.
    This ranges by size, quantity, materials chosen, scope, labor deadlines, & much more. Budget accordingly.

    How long does it take to take down wallpaper?
    The process involves securing your baseboard and then choose the wallpaper panel to work on first. Soak the wallpaper with hot water then begin to remove it. The whole process will take you about 30 minutes per panel.
    FAQ Source
    Does fabric softener and vinegar remove wallpaper?
    Mixing a third of a cup of fabric softener and two-thirds of a hot water cup or a cup of white household vinegar and a bucket of hot water will do. The critical point is to allow the wallpaper to be wet enough to peel freely.
    FAQ Source