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Edward's Enterprises' eager team of employees is ready to help you with repair & remodel services around a Malibu Canyon Road commercial location, Malibu Country Mart shops, your Malibu home, or an Malibu Road office.

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Malibu is now one of California's most popular districts, one that continually shows development in the construction sector. Did you know that? You might have, considering all the remodeled homes, clubs, stores & shops, & even business buildings nearby. You can tell it's an area that loves to remodel, & frequently! & if you're one of our commercial clients, or perhaps a new homeowner registered with us, you'll get some of the best remodels around, ever. We'll do everything from an entire ceiling to a small kitchen cabinet.
A handyman in Malibu? The last one ditched? No problem. Here with Edward's Enterprises, we've got an array to choose from. Most techs we offer are highly renowned in their local expertise field, having worked as handymen for some twenty plus years. If anyone can fix a faucet in record timing, leaving it looking newer than it did before they touched it, it's them. They can also cater to your needs when you need other installations, like recessed lighting repairs & more.
Your carpentry wish is our command at Edward's Enterprises, where we are ready to assist you with your carpentry project of any form in Malibu. Damage from termites, water, or sun on your home & wood trim can be indicative of larger issues. Wooden baseboards at your office can also be upgraded. No matter how small or large your new project might be, we're here to help. Read above, right now, to find out more about how we work on replacing patio posts or installing new wooden decks.
Need us to paint a few things up, for you, to keep the paint fresh on any home, office or store wall, perhaps? Need new color arrays, or borders, also? How is your accent wall looking in every area of display? Could a few extra touches help? If so, check out our massively wide range of painting services for indoor & outdoor projects. We'll also get down & dirty doing some sanding & priming. Ask us what we can't do, & that'll be the question of the hour.
Minuscule electrical repairs - even hardworking Do-it-Yourselfers in your local area of Malibu don't always like doing them. Things like changing a home light switch or swapping out an office receptacle that is cracked or yellowed in age can get the better of us all. Learn how our field employees take care of this above.
We help our Malibu plumbing customers with any of their faucet installations & water heater issues altogether as a top Plumbing Contractor & Handyman. Low-flow toilets can get installed in any variety of homes or businesses. Now is the time to take action if your toilet plumbing isn't properly installed to today's current codes & standards? You can start off on the right foot here by looking at our plumbing services.
We can give you a helping hand with junk hauling, any junk from hundreds of square feet of carpet to even light yard waste, leaving you with nothing but breathable, clean open spaces in your area of Malibu. Open up space in that junk-filled spot you've been calling a garage, which has recently become stacked with old sporting goods & dozens of other 'tossable' items you don't want any longer. Discover how we'll handle the haul of heavy furniture, clean out the side yard, small-demolition target certain other areas, or even declutter mounds upon mounds of leftover trash.
Your sprinkler system installation, your rose trimming, your flower care, it's all important to us. The options available to you, here & now in Malibu, range from a simple sprinkler-timer check to installing an updated lighting system. Or how about a roll of fresh sod, to go with it all? Do you want to pressure wash your deck, now that you're at it? We'll help you. Our dignified, persistent stream of employees work together, like clockwork, on cleaning your rain gutter, servicing your sprinkler system, & anything else you might need.



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Malibu Tool Rental
United Rentals
7755 Canoga Avenue
Canoga Park, CA 91304
(818) 340-5881
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Anawalt's Malibu Hardware
3730 Cross Creek Road
Malibu, CA 90265
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Interesting Malibu Information   Malibu has a high school graduation rate of 96% (24% higher than the rest of California). Malibu's average summer temperature is 68 degrees.
Fun Malibu Fact   The median household income in Malibu is $125,202 (94% higher than other California cities) The median household value of Malibu is $1,041,800 (132% higher than other California cities)
Malibu offers its residents a stable housing market, year-round sunny weather, a high income per capita, & high graduation rates.   For more information about Malibu, visit AreaVibes.

Malibu Electronic Recycling
City Hall
23825 Stuart Ranch Road
Malibu, CA 90265
(310) 456-2489
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Local Malibu Paint Recycling
City Hall
23825 Stuart Ranch Road
Malibu, CA 90265
(310) 456-2489
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