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2021 Architectural Trends


Some trends never go out of style

Architectural designs are always changing and improving to provide more stylish and reliable features. This new decade has so much in store for the architectural industry. If you plan to renovate or build your home, you ought to have designs before construction begins. This allows the architect to work with the design to give you the house you desire. You can also look up trending designs online and choose one you like. In renovation, you not only fix what you don’t like, but you also upgrade it.

Which Architectural Designs Will Dominate 2021?

The architectural designs of 2021 aim at reaching sustainable development in architecture. Also, society is embracing environmental-friendly designs.

Below are the architectural designs expected to trend in 2021 and beyond:

  • Industrial Style

Why is industrial interior design gaining popularity? This design combines industrial and various styles to create unique designs at homes, apartments, and other spaces. Industrial designs utilize different color pallets from what most home designs are used to.

They combine neutral shades for cleaner looks; they also avoid using contrasts; for instance, instead of using brown and white, they use brown and tan. Warm neutrals create the illusion of a warm room in a space that might be dominated by cold ducts and metal pipes.

Industrial styles also utilize brickwork for interior design, which is a gorgeous décor style. You can also create fake brickwork by installing the correct panels. Another unique feature of architectural design is including features that people try to conceal, like ducts and pipes.

  • Home Automation

Home automation allows you to monitor your home wherever you are

Home automation allows you to control your home remotely through a mobile device like your Smartphone or laptop. This system includes everything that you can monitor and control, such as power outlets, lights, electronic locks, as well as security sensors.

Home automation is easy to use because it is a combination of various hardware, a network of communication, as well as electronic interfaces. These work together to get all the devices at home to work together through the internet. All the devices are connected via WI-FI to enable you to take control using your tablet, laptop, or Smartphone.

Home automation has three elements; sensors monitor changes in temperature, motion, and daylight. Controllers are the devices used, for instance, computers and Smartphones. Actuators refer to motors, motor valves, and light switches, which control the automation system.

  • Focus on the Bathroom

Unlike in the past years, the bathroom is no longer used for personal care only. This is a place to relax after a hectic day where you disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself; this is beneficial for the body and mind. This is possible with the various decorations which can be included in the bathroom.

You can transform your bathroom to experience a spa-like ambiance and look. You can install freestanding sinks and bathtubs. This might not be a new design, but it never goes out of style. You can also focus on bathroom accent walls and take this a notch higher by including mirrors.

  • Eye on the Kitchen

You can incorporate different colors in the kitchen

Every home has a kitchen, and this room will never go out of style. 2021 architectural trends will transform the kitchen; for instance, there will be more use of unconventional materials. For instance, brass sheets on backsplashes.

Although the all-white kitchen looks classy, colored cabinets are becoming popular as homeowners are looking to create contrast. Some colors complement each other to create a sophisticated look. Metal kitchen fixtures are also going to dominate. You can match the kitchen hardware with other kitchen appliances or furniture to create a cohesive look.

Terrazzo is more popular now, and it has been utilized in many kitchens as well as bathroom remodeling. People prefer terrazzo because it looks colorful, and although it can be expensive up front, it requires very little maintenance over the course of its lifetime. If Pantone was right about their color pick of the year, AI Aqua will be a strong choice. However, pinks, greens, and reds are also good contenders.

  • Japanese Influences

With many people focusing on minimalism, Japanese aesthetics will present throughout the year. These looks have always been around, but now they are being popularized as a trend. One of the core styles of Japanese aesthetics is using natural materials to create simple forms.

  • Nature-Inspired

Nature-inspired designs will dominate the 2021 architectural styles. In the past few years, people have used banana leaf in everything. This trend is set for a comeback, although more subtly. For instance, botanical prints, stone veins used for pillows, and lush greens. Homewares will also include wild animals and plants. Lighting, on the other hand, will lean towards a more natural aspect. For example, lighting will utilize organic structures and interesting bases like wood and metal.


2021 architectural designs seem to have everyone in mind from those who love smart homes, nature, and bold kitchen and bathrooms. Clean-cut aspects of modernism, as well as bold colors, will trend for the interiors. Diverse aspects will be merged, for instance, contemporary and vintage as well as craft and industry. 2021 is going to be an interesting year of architectural trends.