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Wall Demolition In the days between August and September, Edward’s Enterprises was hired to work with Binder USA in Camarillo on a small renovation project. Our qualified techs arrived to the site to assess a dividing wall.   Our client contracted us to remove the wall, opening up space. Our techs first preformed an on-site consultation for [continue reading…]
Patio with six soft seat chairs surrounding a fire pit If you love to sit around in the evening relaxing in your yard, why not add another dimension to your enjoyment by installing a fire pit?  Follow this guide, and you’ll soon have a fire pit to call your own. Materials High Heat Paint (5 Cans) New England Fieldstone (1 Pallet) Bag Fast-Set Concrete 6 [continue reading…]
Dachshund in little safety vest and hard hat. While I’m positive Doxie Don meant well, he quickly found he was in over his head with these projects! Remember, if an unlicensed Handyman tells you he can do work over $500.00 (labor AND materials, even if you buy the materials) he is breaking the law and you have no protection with the Contractor’s State [continue reading…]
Side-by-side photos of one pergola. Below are three wicker chairs and a table. A garden pergola will add structure and style to the backyard.  It will add value to your home and give you a place to relax and enjoy your surroundings. Tools Measuring Tape Circular Saw Saber Saw Wheelbarrow Caulk Gun Reciprocating Saw Power Auger Drill Hammer Carpenter’s Square Shovel 3′ Level   Materials 8′ 2×8 Pressure-Treated [continue reading…]
Clean, new faucet installed Edward’s Enterprises was requested to do a job at a client’s house in Granada Hills to replace a kitchen faucet. Our techs arrived at the customer’s house on time with materials at the ready. They were able to replace the customer’s kitchen faucet while also resetting the basket strainer. Using supplies sourced from Larry and [continue reading…]
Ceiling of living room area with recess lighting installed Recessed lighting is an effective way to bring function and ambiance to your home. Here is a guide to the installation process. Materials Needed for the Project   Light Fixtures Bulbs Drill Drill bits Hole cutting drill attachment Stud Finder Drywall saw Safety glasses Voltage tester Wire stripper Junction box Dimmer Switch Electrical wire Electrical [continue reading…]
Fence with new extension installed at the end A client in Santa Barbara called wanting an extension for their fence. During our visit, we installed the new posts, digging holes for them and filling them with concrete. We then leveled it all and installed new pre-fab panels with lattice on top, finishing the project quickly.   Materials Used: Pressure-Treated Timber HF Brown Stain [continue reading…]
garbage disposal after replacement A garbage disposal will reduce the kitchen trash that you produce along with making kitchen cleanup quicker and more efficient. It is also good for the environment because it is reduce the garbage in the kitchen because all you food scraps and leftovers will go into the disposal. Shopping for a garbage disposal can prove [continue reading…]
Kitchen with white cabinets being remodeled, after wallpaper removed We did an on-site consultation to assess a wallpaper removal project. We came back the next week and removed all of the wallpaper in the kitchen area with the supplies we bought from Home Depot, including the Environmental Solutions Wallpaper Stripper. We also went back to remove the carpet as well, disposing of it and [continue reading…]
Wooden box with garrison cap, watch, and medal. Photo of elderly man: "My Best Friend Forever" Emptying a home that has been lived in for many years can seem like a daunting experience.  Here are some key points to remember to help in the process: Divide the tasks: Reach out to family and friends. Do not be shy; accept all the help you can that is at your disposal. Make a [continue reading…]