Granada Hills Remodels & Repairs Service List

Welcome Granada Hills!

Edward's Enterprises' great team of employees is ready to help you with repair & remodel services around a Lindley Avenue commercial location, Balboa Boulevard shops, your Granada Hills home, or a Chatsworth Street office.

Wondering how Edward's Enterprises can improve or repair your office or home? Let's start answering your questions below!
Come remodel with us. We are Granada Hills pros! We know kitchens & offices like few others do. Even ceiling adjustments can be done. Restroom partitions, too. See what we can't do; that's the real mystery. Just about everything, in terms of remodeling, we've had the privilege of doing. Nothing is too hard. & we do every type of site, too. See our Remodel page.
Tech men & women who take on projects of all sizes are here at Edward's Enterprises, each offering one - on - one, exceptional customer care. Our handymen have done their job well, some for over 20 years, & they certainly know the ins & outs of this industry. They serve Granada Hills well, renovating entire stores, houses, apartments, office buildings, & more. See all of them, together as a unit, in service; choose one of Edward's Enterprises quality handymen services right now!
A carpenter of quality is someone who looks for the fine details, perhaps as to why your wood is not flourishing at its best. He or she can detect termites, can replace patio posts, can prepare new wood decks for installation & install them, can update any baseboards needed, & can even check for larger ongoing issues affecting home or office space wood altogether. & guess what? Here in lovely Granada Hills, our trained experts do all of this. Read above; ind out more.
There is nothing we won't discuss with you - not any project outdoors, not any task indoors. New colors can be yours today. New paint walls, accents, re-paints; e do it with honor. We paint halls & walls, rooms & much else. Our range of work has no limits, & it's always growing. We love what we do, & our techs will not deny that when they get out to your place & start painting/priming their best work, or even sanding a few edges; emembering that some areas need special prep first before being painted on.
When it's time to electrically install, it's time to electrically install. & for small repair - install jobs, we are the candidates of choice you should use in Granada Hills, a top choice. Yellow receptacles - that have gotten that color from too much use - need to be removed the proper way. & office or home switches need to be taken out & reinserted, every now & then, too. This is all a part of our business. We'll do it. & you can see just how above!
Granada Hills plumbers we are, & that by preference! We love fixing toilets, putting in heaters for water, checking standard plumbing, looking at potentially leaking water faucets or spouts, & much more! We properly check, install, remove & beyond. When was the last time your plumbing had a good look at, by an expert? See us now. That's the first thing you need to do, folks!
Hauling, trashing, cleaning out, demolishing, & then repeating; we do the full cycle, over & over again, until you are satisfied, until all space has been cleared out, all leftover trash piles are done with, & all unwanted items are gone. Count on us when you need proven, Granada Hills team members who specialize in waste hauls & more. Have a more - than - massive carpet to haul, too? Call us first.
Granada comes from the Spanish word for pomegranate & boy oh boy, does this small community have them. The name & its origins are interesting, aren't they? This beautiful town thrives off its produce & overall green life, not to mention the continual landscaping of its every home & business site. Yours, too, can be checked regularly by us. We offer rose care & trimming service as well as deck washes, as often as you need. We'll even cut those lawns, clear those rainy gutters, change those yard lights, time those sprinkler system valves, & so much more! Call our diligent team today.



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Granada Hills Tool Rental
Sunbelt Rentals
18251 Napa Street
Northridge, CA 91325
(818) 996-7100
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Granada Hills Hardware
16223 Devonshire St.
Granada Hills, CA 91344
Call 1-818-810-5115 to contact them for help with your DIY project!

Interesting Granada Hills Information   Granada Hills has a high school graduation rate of 88% (32% higher than the rest of Los Angeles). The median household income of Granada Hills is $86,882 (76% higher than the rest of Los Angeles).
Fun Granada Hills Fact   Granada Hills's median rental rate is $404 (62% lower than other Los Angeles areas). The crime rate is 22% lower in Granada Hills than the rest of Los Angeles.
Granada Hills offers its residents a warm climate, lower rental rates, & an average Cost of Living for the Los Angeles area.   For more information about Granada Hills, visit AreaVibes.

Granada Hills Electronic Recycling
Nicole Bernson SAFE Center
10241 Balboa Blvd
Northridge, CA 91325
(800) 988-6942
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Local Granada Hills Paint Recycling
Nicole Bernson SAFE Center
10241 Balboa Blvd
Northridge, CA 91325
(800) 988-6942
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