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Kitchen Remodel DIY: Cramped to Cozy


When renting a small studio apartment, kitchens aren’t always the most spacious. Pre-painted in off-white under dull, incandescent bulbs, the scene can look dismal and bland. That doesn’t have to be the end, though! With these simple and inexpensive remodeling techniques, a dull studio apartment kitchen can feel cozy rather than cramped.

Kitchen with granite counter tops in the process of being remodeled.


The first start to brighten up a kitchen is removing the drab color that comes with it. Choosing light colors that contrast with the appliances can open up space and create a more welcoming environment.

Lowes sells cabinet paint in 124 and 31 fl oz cans. Shades of colors, like pale yellows, lavender, powder blue, and other soft pastels can create a brighter area even with dim lighting. Painting cabinets and colors with enamel paint is a simple way to personalize and level-up a small kitchen.

Wall of Pantone colors


In a small kitchen with the limited headroom or small counters, flush lighting would be ideal. Flush lighting allows for more space around counters and cabinets while eliminating dull light at the same time.

Lowes sells a variety of flush lighting with different bulbs. Stay away from yellow lights, or tungsten bulbs, to avoid harsh and dull lighting and atmosphere. Find a style of light that works best for your kitchen type. A bulb that is 5000K will typically have a blue tint and be labeled “daylight”. This color temperature can create more natural lighting in an area.

Room with poor lighting

Just by using bright colors and different lighting, a cramped kitchen can feel more personal and pleasant. Simple and easy, home renovation doesn’t have to be a hassle.