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An Introduction to Stucco


Modern homes tend to favor materials that are eco-friendly and don’t significantly impact the environment in a negative way. This calls for one such material known as stucco. One of the major advantages of using stucco in your home is the diversity it provides with colors, textures, and finishes.

Three-coat system

The three-coat system that stucco utilizes is more durable than most other systems. However, a there is a synthetic version of the traditional stucco siding known as EIFS. The three-coat system is more natural looking than the synthetic version, and has more variety in looks. It holds up better in wet conditions as it is a denser material and also fares better to the rough physical conditions that it may face.

Synthetic system

However, using the synthetic system does have its advantages, the biggest of these being its superior insulation for your home. Though thinner overall, it is possible to add materials such as fiber and mesh to make it more unyielding. Additionally, some might not like the more natural look of the three-coat system as it fades into a more yellow color, and some people may not want to repaint, opting for the synthetic system instead. The synthetic system does come in different finishes and have many colors.

Compatibility and Practicality

Stucco not only goes well with other building materials to complement them nicely, but it is also practical in conserving renewable resources and energy costs.