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How to Install Your Own Recessed Lights

Recessed lighting is an effective way to bring function and ambiance to your home. Here is a guide to the installation process. Luxuriously furnished bedroom with romantic recessed lights
Materials Needed for the Project  
Light Fixtures Bulbs
Drill Drill bits
Hole cutting drill attachment Stud Finder
Drywall saw Safety glasses
Voltage tester Wire stripper
Junction box Dimmer Switch
Electrical wire Electrical tape
  1. Cut Hole in Ceiling
  • Use the stud finder to assure the holes do not overlap a joist.
  • Mark where you desire to place the lights.
  • Use the template provided with the light to draw a circle on the ceiling.
  • Cut the holes with a drywall saw, at all the marked locations.
  • Be sure not to snag any wires that may be in the ceiling cavity.
  1. Rough In The Wiring
  • Run cable from the power source to a switch box.
  • Then run to the first hole, allowing at least 16 inches of extra cable to make wiring easy.
  • Use a drill with a long drill bit to avoid cutting additional access holes that will need patching later.
  1. Wire the Light
  • Open the junction box for the lights.
  • Run cable into the box and clamp it.
  • Strip insulation and make wire splices, black to black, white to white, and ground to ground.
  • Fold the wires into the box and replace the cover.
  1. Mount the Light
  • There are usually four clips that clamp the can to the ceiling by pushing down on top of the drywall.
  • Be sure to pull the clips in so they do not protrude outside the can.
  • Slip the box into the hole, then push the body up into the hole until its flange is tight to the ceiling.
  • With your thumb, push each clip up and outward until it clicks and clamps the light fixture.
  1. Add the Trim
  • Most trims are mounted with coil springs or squeezable rod springs. If you have coil springs, hook each spring to its assigned hole inside the can.
  • Pull out each spring and hook it to the trim, and then carefully guide the trim into position.
  • If you have rod springs, squeeze and insert both ends of each spring into their assigned holes.
  • Push the trim up into position.
Naturally, another option is to approach a professional to take care of the lights for you. If you’d like to pursue this option, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Feel free to read about our recessed light installations here on our website. Ceiling of living room area with recess lighting installed Once the project is complete, the lighting will be as bright as you need, or as subtle and romantic as you would like.  So enjoy the benefits and relax in your new surroundings!