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Lighting Improvement Tips


Lighting can change any space from a boring room to a cozy environment. Poor lighting can make your home dark and sad, but a bright home feels warm and livable. You can also use lighting to create a sense of style and class in any room of your house. You can invest in ceiling pendants, chandeliers, or sconces to create a unique environment. Whether you have a small or large space, lighting is a major aspect of how your home looks.

How to Improve Your Lighting

Lighting is crucial to transform your home and make it welcoming. The following tips will guide you on how you can improve this aspect:

Choose a Fixture Style

If you are undecided on an industrial or a rustic feel, start by focusing on a single aspect in the room. This will help you to pick out a fixture to complement it. For instance, if you have a vintage couch, choose a fixture that goes well with the couch.

Look around the room at the finishes; these will guide you on which fixture suits the space. If the handles and hardware are brushed nickel, pick a fixture that complements them and makes them stand out.

Invest in a Lighting Control App

A lighting control app is convenient for different reasons; for instance, when you forget to switch off lights in a separate room or when you are way and don’t want the house to look deserted. You might also want to switch on the; living room lights when leaving for working to avoid walking in a dark house. You can easily do this from your phone or laptop.


Layers of light are divided into 3 categories; task, accent, and ambient. The type and size of your room determine the kind of lighting you need. Sometimes, including a layer of light transforms the room in a great way.

Fancy bed with fancy lamps

Ambient lighting is necessary for any room, and it includes overhead lighting. This is the first place to start if you are confused. Task lighting, on the other hand, helps you to perform your tasks, such as desk lamps or track lighting. Accent lighting helps you to showcase specific features of the room, for instance, paintings.

Consider the Height of Your Ceiling

It is crucial to know the height of your ceiling, especially when you wish to install hanging light fixtures. Although you might find some light fixtures with adjustable rods, some might not have them. Knowing the height of your ceiling saves you from getting lights that hang too high or too low for your space. A general rule is that the bottom of your light ought to hang about 12-20 inches beneath an average 8-foot ceiling.

Consider the Lighting Points

Start by focusing on natural lighting; that is the position of your windows. Arrange your furniture according to the position of your windows. This will allow maximum natural light to seep into the room. This will also help you to decide where to place your artificial lighting.

Choose an Atmosphere

The kind of atmosphere you want to portray largely depends on the color scheme of the room. This includes all the Elements in the room, coverings, and couches. If your room is yellow and orange, it creates a sense of warmth; therefore, you ought to include a warm light that projects yellow tones. If the room is gray, it portrays a colder environment investing in cooler lighting complements the room.

Consider Your Movements

Avoid installing blue light in the bedroom because it will keep you awake as it is linked to dawn. Choose yellow lighting in the bedroom to soothe you to sleep. Your body is in tune with the sun, and as the sun sets at dusk, the lighting in your bedroom should mimic this aspect.

Bulb Selection

You cannot just choose any bulbs when you want to transform the lighting in your home. Bulbs are the main sources of light at night; this means that the type of bulbs you choose determines the type of lighting in your home.

You can choose incandescent bulbs which are the oldest, and they give a warm light. Compact florescent lights use less energy compared to incandescent bulbs. They produce a cool light and come in different brightness levels. LED lights are as effective as florescent, but they last 3 times longer.

There are many types of bulbs, but these are commonly used at home. Soft white light is convenient for bedrooms to provide a warm, comfortable feeling to help you relax before bed. Bright white lights are ideal for kitchens, garages, and bathrooms.


The lighting of your home is as important as the decoration. A dull room is not only boring, but it makes you blue and unmotivated. There are many options on how you can light your home to create the environment you want. Choosing the right light and considering the color scheme of your home are some of the crucial aspects to keep in mind.