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The bathroom is often considered the spa of the home; beautiful design and modern conveniences create a space for relaxation and rejuvenation. Curious as to what is in demand in the marketplace? We’ve rounded up the top five trends in bathroom and shower design. Check them out below!

1. Linear Drains

This type of drain allows for the use of large format tiles and delivers a modern and contemporary shower design.

2. Frameless Glass Wall

A frameless glass wall or door between tiled walls showcases modern design and creates a stunning appearance.

3. Large Format Tile

Consumers want a sleek and contemporary bathroom; using large format tiles in bathroom and shower floors creates fewer grout joints.

4. Curbless Showers

Both millennials and baby boomers are requesting this style of shower in their bathrooms. Millennials want to see modern, clean lines in their bathrooms; this style allows for the use of large format tiles and makes the bathroom appear larger.

Baby boomers are more practical and want curbless—or barrier-free—showers to ensure their safety. Tripping over a curb and falling are a concern for this group; they want to retire in a home that is accessible.

5. Tub-free

It’s more common to take a shower than soak in the bathtub, so it’s no surprise that homeowners are requesting larger showers and eliminating the bathtub entirely. With the addition of a larger shower comes the need for grab bars, benches and niches. This creates a comfortable and relaxing shower experience.

These design trends have one quality in common—they allow for customization. Tenants want to be able to create a space that is exactly tailored for their style and needs. In fact, they’re likely to spend more money on their bathroom in order to get a spa experience at home.