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3 Things to Think About When Cleaning Up After Your Tenant


There are a few steps you have to take when cleaning up after your tenant. Before making a decision, some things to consider are:

1 – How soon do I need to have the items removed?

If you have a new tenant that is ready to move in and you are in a rush to get the items removed, I would suggest giving us a call. In most cases we will be able to come out the next day. In some instances, we can even be there on the same day!

If you are not in a hurry, I would suggest going through some of the items to see if there is anything you can use, or maybe anything someone else you know can use. (Remember: not all “junk” is actually junk. We donate many items that are still usable) Then, after you have looked over the items, give us a call. We will come haul away the stuff that you don’t want.

2 – How much junk did the tenant leave behind?

If there are only a few smaller items and you have the time, I would suggest handling the items yourself. Why not save some money? (Remember: If you are not sure where to bring some of the items, give us a call and we will happily do our best to let you know where to take them.)

On the other end of the spectrum, if there are many items and you don’t have the time or the equipment to get rid of them, give us a call. We will send out a crew to do all of the heavy lifting, loading, and disposing for you. If you are out of the area, or you just don’t want to deal with it, call us, we are glad to help you in any way possible.

3 – Do I need to hold the cost of removing the items from my tenant’s damage deposit?

It really depends on the contract you have with your tenant. In most cases, I would say yes. You need to take the cost of having the items removed from your tenant’s damage deposit. My advice would be to go over your contract to make sure the damage deposit will cover the cost of removing their junk.