Tarzana Moving Help, Packing & Clean Outs for Home & Office
Hello Tarzana!

Edward's Enterprises' team of employees is ready to help you with repair & remodel services around a Corbin Avenue commercial location, your Vanalden Avenue home, or Tarzana Square Shopping Center shops or Ventura Boulevard offices.


Need professional moving help near Tarzana? Many people hire us simply to assist a rental truck load, or to haul away unwanted items stored away for years & never used.
There is lots of potential for the space in that junk-filled garage or the office stockroom stacked with unused desks & computers.

Our eager team of employees work together on boxing up items for storage.

You probably have many questions about Edward's Enterprises. Let's start answering these questions below!

Edward's Enterprises can assist our Tarzana customers with their packing & clean out needs like:

  • Packing & unpacking help

  • Boxing up items for storage

  • Garage & shed clean outs

  • Retail store fixture clean ups

  • Move in & move out help

  • Resetting office desks & cubicles.

  • Help moving to new home or condo

  • Moving items from a storage unit

  • Rental home clean outs

  • Attic & basement clean-ups

  • Junk removed from storage

  • Rearranging storage units

  • Taking items to a charity

  • Bringing items to a landfill

Our moving & clean-out services extend to the outside of your home or office as well. Moving from point A to point B sounds simple enough. Many times you are moving only a couple of rooms, maybe a small townhouse or condo. Often, a small U-Haul or Ryder truck will do the trick, but do you want to spend your weekend carrying heavy furniture & boxes up & down stairs, ramps, & down the street?
We may not be the #1 search result for Junk Hauling Service on Google but we are ready to talk to you about your next home clean out or retail store de-branding. Pick up the phone & call us to discuss your move out or cubicle move project!

Whenever you're hauling out old junk in Irvine, you want to make sure that you've got enough to move around with, in the first place. Because if you can't even get by, then how are you going to pick up, load, & then haul, right? So start with demolishing the side yard, clearing out the old garage, from front to back, or even lifting that massive carpet out of the way just to make some room. Sweep, declutter, vacuum, box up, & then get to lifting & loading!
When packing those boxes, to later haul them away, make sure to make things easier on yourself, for later reference, & label each box (on all 4 sides, as well as top & bottom, so that way, if any side is covered, you can still see what box it is & what is in it). & you can double-tape the boxes, too, to ensure they're extra firm & make things harder to fall out!
In terms of labeling, try to be as category-specific as possible, that way so as to avoid further confusion later on – not being able to locate the right box at the right time, etc. Indeed, when organizing, hauling, moving, or any similar function, orgnization equals timeliness. Be as organized, & thus as effective, as possible.

Franklin's True Value Hardware
21936 Ventura Boulevard
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Click here to contact them for help with your DIY project!

Edward's Enterprises' hourly rates for packing & moving help:


$179* for the first hour of each trip & $119 an hour after that (for 2 employees, with a 2 hour minimum)

These are the typical cash or check hourly rates for labor we charge our customers for cleaning out storage units or loading a U-Haul (not including materials or dump disposal fees).
Larger Tarzana cubicle moves or office setups may require additional personnel & the hourly rates for additional employees can be discussed with our office any time.

Hauling Moving Cleanups Storage Furniture - HaulingDisposal fees for junk cleanouts is based on Volume & Weight. Our full trailer is about 225 cubic feet, & the price for a trailer of household junk is about $125, but the price is going to be very different if that is cardboard versus broken tile & old office furniture as you can imagine.
Thanks to our processing partner PayPal, we do accept most major credit & debit cards now! Rates are slightly higher, please call our office for all of the details.
Thanks to our processing partner Paypal, we do accept most major credit & debit cards now!
*First hour of work charge is from $169 to $189 or more or more depending on the work site zip code. Some exclusions do apply, like commercial companies, or for same-day, after hours or weekend service.
Cities outside of our coverage map will be charged additional travel costs. We would be happy to answer any of your pricing questions, please call for details!

Reasons to select Edward's Enterprises for your next hauling service call include:


EE CheckCommunication: We communicate appointment scheduling, invoicing, estimates, & more by phone & email to keep our Hauling customers “in the loop”.


EE Check Licensed: We are a licensed General Contractor with the Contractor's State License Board (B857752) since 2005.


EE Check Insured: Insured to protect our residential & commercial customers as well as our employees.


EE CheckClear Information: We explain our hourly rates on our website & by phone before we schedule any work so that you know what we charge.

Review your EE Check list to see how Edward's Enterprises can provide you with top notch service.

You can reach out to someone at Edward's Enterprises about our pack out & pack in services by filling out the form below:


If you experience any issues with our form, email us at:


If forms & emails are a real drag for you, PLEASE give our office a call:

A real live person will (usually, unless every line is tied up or the Zombie apocalypse has finally happened) answer!
Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm “California Time”.
We are available by phone after hours & on weekends for emergencies.

Your guys showed up during the agreed upon time slot & finished in a reasonable amount of time. They did a responsible job & left the property clean. I would definitely call you again.

Five out of five stars

- Robert | Newbury Park

When we needed our dishwasher serviced for leakage, we had Edward's team come over the same day. We felt it was an emergency for our household, so it was well-worth the money for the timely & professional service!

Five out of five stars

- Amanda | Santa Barbara

Edward's Enterprises is usually available:


Office: Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm by phone in our office to schedule projects & ask questions about hauling jobs.

Field: As far as scheduling work, for our typical rates listed above (I know we didn't skip that section) we normally schedule work Monday through Friday from 7am to 4pm (holidays, meetings, kids with flus may affect availability).

Hauling Moving Cleanups Truck Loading - HaulingMost hauling service calls get a 2 hour window of arrival; something like 7am to 9am, or 11am to 1pm, or even 1pm to 3pm window.
If you want us to come outside of those times, expect to pay a bit more, or experience different restrictions like job minimums, etc.
We are available for emergency hauling or clean up work based on a first come first serve basis & whether or not we have a crew available. Expect to pay more for these types of calls (we have employees & overtime is what it is).

Edward's Enterprises' coverage includes Tarzana, CA 91356 & surrounding communities.


To see if we can handle moving furniture around at your home or office, you can check a few places:

There is a helpful site menu drop down called “Cities”. Select that & you can see if your city is in our “service area”.

You can call us at 818-639-2441 & give us your “exact” coordinates.
If you don't live in Tarzana but you're close by give us a call. We may be able to service your hauling request for an additional travel charge and/or minimum hour charge.

Tarzana Community Center
Tarzana Community & Cultural Center
19130 Ventura Blvd
Tarzana, CA 91356
(818) 705-1286
For more information about your local Community Center, check out Tarzana Community Center Online.

Local Tarzana Farmers Market
Encino Farmers Market
17400 Victory Blvd
Van Nuys, CA 91406
(818) 708-6611
For more information about your nearest Farmer's Market, check out Tarzana Farmers Market Online.

Local Tarzana Trash Service
WM GI Industries
195 W Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93065
(805) 522-9400
For more information about city trash service, check out Tarzana Trash Service Online.

Tarzana Electronic Recycling
Martin's Recycling
7101 Canby Avenue
Reseda, CA 91335
(818) 252-5885
For more information about local electronic recycling, check out Tarzana Electronic Recycling Online.

Local Tarzana Paint Recycling
Vista Paint
22504 Ventura Blvd
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
(818) 876-0290
For more information about neighborhood paint recycling, check out Tarzana Paint Recycling Online.

Can you hire someone to help you move?
Can I request for packing services from movers?
Many people ask themselves whether it is possible to hire a moving agency to pack your stuff, and later load and unload them only. It’s a concern for those who already have their tracks. Well, this is very much possible, and as you’ll figure out, it is the best option you can go for.
Reasons to get movers to do the job for you.
You can decide to bring your mates on board to give you that extra hand when moving but, why should get a moving agency good for you?
They do their job quickly
Probably you already know how these guys are usually quick to wrap up everything to hit the road to your new house. That’ll save you the time you’ll use to do all the work and settle down
They’ll use your space efficiently
Movers are known for capitalizing on the space they’ve got. Everything can fit in a place you couldn’t imagine was possible to work with. They do come with packages to put everything strategically, which will also help you to locate your stuff quickly.
It’s pocket-friendly
Compared to convincing a couple of your buddies to help out, unless if you’ve got volunteers, hiring movers is the affordable solution.
They are more professional.
There’s no other person who would do a quality job than movers when it comes to moving! Minimal damages will be involved.
Make that call and let the movers load up your track!
FAQ Source
Will movers move dressers with clothes in them?
Is it necessary to leave your dresser empty before moving out?
The proper answer to this question would be – it depends. If you’ve got a bulky dresser, then you better empty it, but if you’ve got a lighter one, then you can stick some clothes in there. The condition of the dresser is also essential to consider.
What you need to expel from your dresser
You need to watch out the kind of things that are in those drawers. Any valuable belongings should be removed and also if the drawers are removable, you better let them out too.
Will your dresser be damaged when it has clothes inside?
To be safe, you better remove all the clothes in the dresser but if you are thinking to stack some inside then go for the light ones, e.g. linens, which won’t be of any harm to your furniture.
The red flags to watch out for
Even though your mover will be cool with it, you better consider some factors before putting clothes in your dresser including
– How far you’re going
– The condition and the size of your dresser
Proper packing skills if you opt not to use the dresser
If a dresser doesn’t work for you, there are other alternatives to pack your clothes which include using
– Suitcases
– Wardrobe boxes
How dressers are protected
Movers take great care of your belonging, and as for your dresser it’ll be covered in shrink wrap, and furniture wraps to ensure it arrives in one piece.
FAQ Source

Interesting Tarzana Information   Tarzana has a high school graduation rate of 89% (39% higher than the rest of Los Angeles). Tarzana's median household income is $106,934, which is 117% higher when compared to other Los Angeles areas.
Fun Tarzana Fact   The crime rate in Tarzana is 60% lower than other parts of Los Angeles. The median household value of Tarzana is $908,492 (64% higher than other Los Angeles regions).
Tarzana offers its residents a stable housing market, low crime rates, a high income per capita, & sunny weather.   For more information about Tarzana, visit AreaVibes.

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