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Edward's Enterprises Westlake Village landscape sprinkler system services

Edward’s Enterprises Westlake Village Sprinkler Service: A residential sprinkler system jetting out water.

  • Complete Irrigation System Maintenance Services in Westlake Village
  • System-wide repairs (piping, heads, wiring)
  • Installation of brand new sprinkler systems
  • Adjustments to pop-up heads and water backflow control
  • Relocation of sprinkler heads for optimal water efficiency
  • Irrigation design to fit the needs of your lawn
  • PVC pipe replacement or repairs
  • Timer adjustments, installed, or fine-tuned
  • Manual control valves replaced or repaired
  • Backflow preventer repairs
  • Timer clock synchronization across lawn spaces

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Reasons to hire us for your automated lawn watering needs

Edward’s Enterprises Sprinkler Service in Westlake Village: Underground sprinkler system piping and fittings.

  • We have been locally owned SINCE 1996.

  • LICENSED (B 857752) GENERAL CONTRACTOR with the Contractor's State License Board since 2005.

  • INSURED: LIABILITY, WORKERS COMPENSATION, AND AUTO to protect our customers and employees.

  • We have the TOOLS to complete most irrigation system maintenance jobs.

  • Yard irrigation repair and installation services in Westlake Village are provided by our EXPERIENCED, LONG TERM EMPLOYEES in the field and in the office.

We install and repair sprinkler systems in Westlake Village, CA 91361 and 91362 and surrounding communities

We can handle many types of sprinkler projects for your Westlake Village home

Edward's Enterprises Westlake Village Landscape Sprinkler Service: Landscape sprinkler for fresh Well-Sprinkled new sod installation.

Yards and gardens vary in breadth and appeal, just like the companies you can hire for your home or office.

Edward's Enterprises backyard handyman and landscaping has been servicing the everyday yard care and repair needs of our customers' homes and businesses in Westlake Village since 1996. Our many years in the home & commercial repair and improvement trade give us the perspective and know-how critical to carrying out projects of any size; from a simple sprinkler timer replacement to installing a brand new sprinkler head system.

The right watering system can go a long way towards ensuring your green thumb efforts. Sprinklers are a practical, attractive addition to landscapes across the country. Arranged well, they bring life to many lawns. Their systems provide essential water and timers with the convenience of not having to manually spray water ourselves. When adding or renovating a sprinkler system, pay attention to your landscaping. This includes your plants and flowers--it would be a waste to spray more water on flowers than on high water-need shrubs! Don't skimp on preparation and you'll enjoy your sprinkler system for years to come!

Call 805-987-2441 to have our experienced employees help you today!

- Edward Flanagan, Owner
General Contractor License B 857752, Insured

Typical rates we charge in Westlake Village

Edward's Enterprises Landscaping Services in Westlake Village

$88.00* for the first hour (each trip, 1 employee)

$58.00* an hour after that (1 employee)

These are the typical cash or check hourly rates for labor we charge our customers in Westlake Village for repairs to or installations of sprinkler systems (not including materials). Our repairs and installations are charged on a time and material basis. That includes all of the time for your project, including sourcing materials if they are needed.

Some irrigation projects are too large or expansive for 1 employee to handle, so we would send 2 of our employees to your home at higher rates than listed above.

*Some exclusions do apply, like commercial companies that are billable, cities not listed in our city coverage list above, or for same-day, after hours or weekend service. West Los Angeles requires an additional $50.00 trip charge per employee. Call and we would be happy to answer all of your pricing questions!

Appointments can be scheduled for a variety of days and times

Business Hours for Edward%27s%20Enterprises

  • We are in the field daily Monday through Friday 7:00 am - 4:00 pm.

  • We are now open Saturdays! Contact us for details.

  • AFTER HOURS, EMERGENCY AND WEEKEND rates available to meet our customer's needs.

  • HOURLY RATES and CENTRALIZED SCHEDULING of appointments for our Westlake Village residential customers.

It's easy to contact us!

Call us at 805-987-2441 today!

Is your sprinkler system leaking or spraying the wrong way? Whether to repair or install, Edward's Enterprises Westlake Village Sprinkler Services is here to keep your property in top shape!


Our friendly employees will answer your questions and help determine how we can meet your outdoor service schedule.

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    Reviews from recent customer surveys

    “I loved how your team of guys took their time to make sure the sprinklers were all up and running again. Quality control by those guys was definitely top-notch.”
    - Michael S.; Port Hueneme, CA

    We offer our Westlake Village customers additional backyard services

    Edward's Enterprises Landscaping Services in Westlake Village

    Reach us at 805-987-2441 to discuss any services we offer


    Edward's Enterprises Westlake Village Landscape Sprinkler Service: Landscape sprinkler for fresh Well-Sprinkled new sod installation.

    * Sprinkler systems installed incorrectly in lawns or landscape areas need to be properly installed by trained individuals. Systems installed incorrectly can pose a series of negative effects such as water waste, miswatering, excessive run off, and flooding.

    Useful info on sprinkler systems:

    Edward's Enterprises Landscaping Services in Westlake Village

    Many people would like to know what are the components to an automatic sprinkler system. A typical system includes a controller, valves and sprinklers. The controller is basically the brains of the operation. The valves open and close to release and stop the flow of water from the underground pipes. The sprinklers distribute water to specific areas. These are simply the basics because the system can also include rain shut off devices, soil moisture sensors and drip irrigation zones.

    A question that is often asked is will an automatic sprinkler system water as evenly and use more water than if done by hand? The answer is yes and no. Yes, the sprinkler system will water as evenly and No the system will not use more water. Sprinkler systems are designed based on your landscapes diverse watering needs and are custom to your particular situation. This means that they are set up to water every part of your lawn evenly. These systems will save water at the same time because they only water where it is needed and are designed to apply water exactly where it needs to go.

    Looking for DIY advice or sprinkler hardware:

    Edward’s Enterprises Westlake Village Sprinkler Service: Underground sprinkler system piping and fittings.

    Check out:

    Do It Center
    3775 East Thousand Oaks Boulevard
    Westlake Village, CA 91362

    Westlake Village is a great place...

    Westlake Village city views

    to live because...

    • the High School graduation rate is 95% (24% higher than the rest of California)
    • the Median Household Income is $ 116,213 (80% higher than the rest of California)
    • the crime rate is 46% lower than other California towns
    • the Median Housing Value is $ 825,700 (84% higher than other California cities)

    Overall, Westlake Village offers its residents a stable housing market, plenty of local amenities, a high income per capita, and low crime rates.

    For more information about Westlake Village, visit AreaVibes.