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Edward's Enterprises Carpinteria closet repair and remodel services

A master bedroom closet in a Carpinteria home residence, created for easy family access: Edward’s Enterprises Closet Organizer.

  • Closet shelving and garage organizer services in Carpinteria
  • New closet build-outs
  • Closet organizers, shelving and poles
  • repaired
  • replaced
  • installed
  • fabricated
  • assembled
  • removed
  • Repairs to master bedroom, hallway, and walk-in organizers
  • Sliding and bi-fold closet doors replaced or repaired
  • Closet lighting, flooring, and door trim installed

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Reasons to call us for Carpinteria closet and garage shelving projects

Edward's Enterprises Carpinteria, CA Closet Shelving Service in Oak View, CA 93022: A hallway closet in a typical residence, created for easy family access by.

  • Our repair services are provided by our EXPERIENCED, LONG TERM EMPLOYEES in the field and in the office.

  • Edward's Enterprises service is locally owned SINCE 1996.

  • LICENSED (B 857752) GENERAL CONTRACTOR with the Contractor's State License Board since 2005.

  • INSURED: LIABILITY, WORKERS COMPENSATION, AND AUTO to protect our customers and employees.

  • We have the TOOLS to complete most home repairs and installations in Carpinteria, CA.

We can repair and install shelving/organization units in Carpinteria, CA 93013 and the surrounding communities

We can handle many types of closet rough & finish projects in Carpinteria

A master bedroom closet in a Carpinteria home residence, created for easy family access: Edward’s Enterprises Closet Organizer.

Welcome to Edward's Enterprises Carpentry Service, where we work with homeowners to invest in their homes and businesses by completing their next interior and exterior carpentry improvements

Our 16 years in the home & commercial repair and improvement trade gives us the perspective and know-how critical to carrying out projects of any size.

Is your closet a place of dread, fear, or horror? Or do you just want to be able to find that favorite pair of pants when you need them? Have an insured, licensed contractor and Closet Organizer Service handle your closet shelving and pole repairs and installations.

Call 805-308-2441 to have the experienced employees at Edward's Enterprises repairs and installations help you today!

-Edward Flanagan, Owner
General Contractor License B 857752, Insured

Typical rates we charge for closet carpentry repairs for Carpinteria

Overhead closet shelving for maximum space in Carpinteria. Edward's Enterprises makes it possible with just a call: Edward’s Enterprises Closet Organizer.

$148.00* for the first hour (each trip, 2 employees)

$98.00* an hour after that (2 employees)

These are the typical cash or check hourly rates for labor we charge our customers for closet shelving installation and repairs (not including materials). Our repairs and installations are charged on a time and material basis. That includes all of the time for your project, including sourcing materials if they are needed.

Many room organizer construction projects are too cumbersome for 1 employee to handle, so we would send 2 of our employees to your home or office for the above rates.

*Some exclusions do apply, like commercial companies that are billable, cities not listed in our city coverage list above, or for same-day, after hours or weekend service. West Los Angeles requires an additional $50 trip charge per employee. Call and we will be happy to answer all of your pricing questions!

Projects can be scheduled for a variety of days and times

Business Hours for Edward's Enterprises

  • HOURLY RATES and CENTRALIZED SCHEDULING of appointments for our Carpinteria residential customers.

  • We are in the field daily Monday through Friday 7:00 am - 4:00 pm.

  • We are now open Saturdays! Call for details.

  • AFTER HOURS, EMERGENCY AND WEEKEND rates available to meet our customer's needs.

Contact Edward's Enterprises when you need a closet or garage organizer installed or repaired!

Call us at 805-308-2441 today!

Did your closet shelf collapse? Is your straight closet pole turning into a bow? Let us help you today!


Our friendly employees will answer your questions and help determine how we can meet your fix-it schedule.

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    Reviews of Edward's Enterprises from recent customer surveys

    “Thank you for coming so quickly to help out with an odd job that needed immediate assistance.”

    - Lisa B.; Isla Vista, CA 

    Edward's Enterprises offers its customers additional carpentry services

    Edward’s Enterprises Carpentry Services

    call 805-308-2441 to discuss any services we offer


    Edward's Enterprises Closet Organizer Repair Services in Oak View, CA 93022: Spacious, practical closet space constructed for a customer's many clothing needs.

    * Proper organization will save you time and stress looking for that specific clothing item or anything else stashed away in your closet. The average person spends about 55 minutes a day searching for things they know they own but can't find. That adds up to 12 days a year!

    Great Tips for Closet Organizers:

    A master bedroom closet in a home residence, created for easy family access: Edward’s Enterprises Closet Organizer.

    • The first step of organizing one's closet may be installing a closet organizer into your home. These closet organizers allow you the ability to have lots of space and a clutter free zone. However, now that you have this wonderful closet organizer, you may not actually know how to organize your closet and be tempted to just throw all of your belongings into random shelves and drawers, which will not allow the closet organizer to do its intended purpose. So we have some quick tips on how to truly organize your belongings so that they maximize the space of your closet organizer.

    • A great tip is to distinguish your clothes into two categories: clothes that you wear, and clothes that does not fit you correctly or has not been worn in over a year. Once you have made these two piles, get rid of the second pile because it will only clutter up your area with unwanted and unneeded items. Next, if you choose to keep old shoe boxes, make sure to label them so that you can easily identify what is in each box. Or an alternative is to invest in clear shoe boxes which allow you to see what is in each box at a quick glance.

    • Another tip is to assess the layout of your closet and utilize every area. Identify where certain things would fit best and how you would like them to appear. For instance, do you prefer your pants folded in drawers or hung up on hangers? You can put your favorite and most frequently worn items at eye level, so that they are easily accessible. Lastly, note what season you are in, and plan accordingly. If you are in summer, you may want to hang up your summer clothes on hangers and keep your winter clothes stored in the drawers. Then once it becomes winter, you can make the switch and hang up your winter clothes and stuff the summer clothes into the drawers.

    Looking for DIY advice and materials in your area?

    Edward's Enterprises Carpinteria, CA Closet Shelving Service in Oak View, CA 93022: A hallway closet in a typical residence, created for easy family access by.

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    Carpinteria is a great place...

    Carpinteria city views

    to live because...

    • the Average Commute Time is 24 minutes (17% lower than the rest of California)
    • the Median Housing Value is 49% higher than in other California cities at $ 669,200
    • the crime rate is 50% lower than the rest of California
    • the Average Summer Temperature is 64

    Overall, Carpinteria is known for its stable housing market, sunny weather, many local amenities, and a high income per capita.

    For more information about Carpinteria, visit AreaVibes.