Full-Service Property Repairs Handyman in Camarillo

  • Many services available for property and facility managers
  • General everyday maintenance calls
  • Emergency same-day work orders fulfilled
  • One-time service calls always an option
  • Improvements and renovations to vacant units
  • Vacancy turn-over services
  • Hauling and cleanout services for bulky items
  • Maintenance status inspections
  • Repairs to:
  • - Drywalls
  • - Electrical
  • - Plumbing
  • - Lighting
  • - Door
  • - Garbage disposal
  • Painting for interior and exterior projects

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Property Maintenance Services in Camarillo

Our Remodel and Repair Services are available throughout Camarillo 93010 and 93012

we can handle many types of general and emergency repairs in Camarillo

Welcome to Edward's Enterprises Property Handyman Repairs, where we work to restore facilities and commercial properties to full working order by delivering on everyday repair needs.
Our 19 years in the home & commercial repair and improvement trade give us the perspective and know-how critical to carrying out projects of any size; from a leaky faucet to new recessed lights or renovating the entire office.

Property Maintenance comes in many forms. Some companies staff a crew to self perform their own properties. Some owners try to maintain their own rentals.

Other Camarillo property management companies and owners choose to skip the hassle of managing employees or doing the work themselves and call us to handle small hourly repairs and larger turnover work.
Camarillo Property Maintenance Service: Edward's Enterprises

How can we help you with your next Property Maintenance Handyman | Hourly Repairs project?

-Edward Flanagan, Owner
General Contractor License B 857752, Insured

some reasons to call us for Camarillo property maintenance-and-repairs

Since 1996, Edward's Enterprises has been providing Camarillo Property Maintenance Handyman | Hourly Repairs to commercial customers.

Licensed and Bonded since 2005 with the Contractor's State License Board (B 857752).

Fully Insured to protect our valued customers and employees.

We have the tools and skills to complete most Camarillo office and shopping center hourly service calls.

Property Maintenance Handyman | Hourly Repairs are completed by our staff in the field and in the office.

Usual rates we charge in the Camarillo area

$89.00* for the 1st hour for each trip for one employee

$59.00* each hour after for one employee

These are the typical cash or check hourly rates for labor we charge our property manager customers for general everyday repairs (not including materials). Our maintenance services are charged on a time and material basis. That includes all of the time for your project, including sourcing materials if they are needed.

Some commercial property projects are too cumbersome for 1 employee to handle, in that that case we would send 2 of our employees to your office or building for higher than the above rates.

Faucet tightened to counter in Camarillo & cartridges replaced, aerator cleaned & working properly again!

*Certain exclusions apply, such as for same-day, after hours or weekend service, or for commercial companies that are billable. Communities outside of our normal service area will be charged additional travel costs. We are happy to answer all of your pricing questions, call for details!

Property Maintenance Handyman | Hourly Repairs Appointments can be scheduled for a variety of days and times

  • We are in the field daily Monday through Friday 7:00 am - 4:00 pm based on need.

  • AFTER HOURS, Weekend and Emergency rates are available to assist our Camarillo customer's scheduling needs.

  • We are open Saturdays by appointment, call for details.

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It is easy to get in touch with us

Do you need a responsive maintenance company to handle maintenance requests and vacancies? Let us help you today!


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Did You Know That?

* Having insured, licensed professionals handle your property maintenance and handyman services is important. Contractors employ specially trained individuals that are knowledgeable and will get the job done right the first time.

* Maintaining all aspects of a commercial or residential property will keep your property market value stable, as well as boost it in the future. Increased market appeal will create desirability for potential sales and acquisitions down the road.

Edward's Enterprises Camarillo Facility Maintenance: office improvement & painting including drywall, framing, texturing, & more.

Great Tips for Property Maintenance

1. Always try to keep the Refrigerator working efficiently! Some ways to do this are by keeping the coils clean. Dirty coils trap in heat and lead to the refrigerator motor having to work harder to cool inside compartments. Also, remove the drip pan from underneath the coils and wash it well! While cleaning the pan, check for clogs. Next, check the freezer! It may need to be defrosted. A quick way to tell is if there is a build up of more than 1/4 inch of ice on the walls. Don't just chip away at the ice, but instead remove the contents of the freezer and either let the compartment's ice melt at room temperature or use a blow dryer to speed up the process. Then simply collect the dripping ice in a pan.

2. Keep flooring in good condition! Dirt is a floor's worst enemy! Dirt can cause scratches on hard wood floors, as well as wear out fibers in carpets and rugs. In order to avoid dirt; sweep, mop, and vacuum weekly. Also, place mats inside and outside of your doors (if allowed) to reduce the amount of dirt tracked in and out of your apartment.

3. Prevent plumbing troubles! When it comes to the kitchen sink, avoid pouring oil, coffee grounds, breads and/or rice down into the pipes. These materials can clog the sink and lead to serious problems. In the bathroom, remove hair from the sink and shower so that they do not wash down the drain! If clogs do occur, they can be unclogged using a plunger. Fill the clogged area with water and push the plunger down in quick, firm motions. Repeat as needed.
Faucet tightened to counter in Camarillo and cartridges replaced, aerator cleaned and working properly again!

Need helpful DIY advice in Camarillo? 

B & B Do It Center
698 Mobil Avenue
Camarillo, CA 93010

Check out their online site for more DIY help!

Edward's Enterprises Camarillo Property Maintenance: Many types of repairs & maintenance.

Camarillo is a great place to live because…

  • the High School graduation rate is at 91% (18% higher than the rest of California)
  • the Median Household Income ($ 81,518) is 26% higher than the rest of California
  • the crime rate is 51% lower than in other California cities
  • the Median Housing Value is $ 558,200 (24% higher than the rest of California)

Overall, Camarillo ranks #59 in California because of its many local amenities, stable housing market, low crime rates, and sunny weather.

For more information about Camarillo, visit AreaVibes.

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Reviews of Edward’s Enterprises from recent customer surveys

"For my apartment property, it has been less of a hassle to look for a maintenance contractor and just hire them for jobs I can't handle on my own. Edward's team is always prompt and responsible, my tenants always point out how courteous they were. For that and the ease in working with Edward's Enterprises keeps me coming back!"

Leslie, K.; Port Hueneme